UAE Labour Law| Download UAE Labor Law PDF

UAE Labor Law

UAE Labour Law which contain the rights of each and every person who is residing or working in any state of Emirates under UAE Law and it is not allowed for anyone to violate below listed UAE Labor Law articles.

UAE Labour Law:

Following are the official UAE Labor Law pdf articles that should be follow by both employer and employee which includes the full details of employment contract of workers, salaries of workers, occupational Injuries during work, end of service gratuity, working hours, annual leaves, termination, resignation and much more. 

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Title One: Definitions and General Provisions

Title Two: Employment of Workers and Youth and Women Labour

Title Three: Employment Contracts, Record and Wages

Title Four: Working Hours and Leaves

Title Five: Safety, Protection Health and Social Care of Workers

Title Six: Disciplinary Rules

Title Seven: Termination of Employment Contract and End of Service Gratuity

Title Eight: Compensations for Occupational Injuries and Disease

Title Nine: Collect Labour Disputes

Title Ten: Labour Inspection

Title Eleven: Sanctions

Title 12: Final Provisions

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We suggest everyone to read and download the copy of above listed the most important UAE Labour Law 2019 articles; it will definitely help in-case of any dispute between company and worker.

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