June 23, 2024

Dubai Mall Parking is no longer free starting July 1, 2024 | Charges Announced

Dubai Mall Parking Charges

Big News comes from Dubai top attraction; The Dubai Mall parking will not be free starting next week. Yes it’s true, as of Monday July 1 2024; the new paid parking system will officially start.

First announced last year in December 2023, Dubai Mall has partnered with the toll gate provider Salik to put charges in place for parking spaces.


Dubai Mall Parking Cost:

The good thing is that the mall parking will be free for the first 4 hours on Monday to Thursday and 6 hours on Friday to Sunday.

Once the 4 hours spent, visitor will pay the following:

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday)

·       4 – 5 hours: AED40

·       5 – 6 hours: AED60

·       6 – 7 hours: AED80

·       8 – 12 hours: AED100

·       12 – 24 hours: AED500

·       24 hours+: AED1,000


Weekends (Friday to Sunday)

·       6 – 7 hours: AED80

·       7 – 8 hours: AED100

·       8 – 12 hours: AED200

·       12 – 24 hours: AED500

·       24 hours+: AED1,000

Above charges apply to Grand parking, Cinema parking and Fashion parking. For now, Zabeel and Fountain Views parking are free. People of determination, public service providers and valet drop-offs are all exempt from paying for Dubai Mall parking.

How Parking fees will be deducted?

The new parking system is the ticketless and barrier free parking that uses vehicle plate recognition to deduct fees from the Salik user accounts of vehicles. Mall visitors won’t have to download any additional apps or use payment machines in the malls. They can use Salik App for recharge and parking payments.

For Vehicles without salik tag and vehicle with number plates from other emirates, their will be a one time registration or cash ticket which will be confirmed soon. 

June 08, 2024

Emirates ID Fine Check in 2 Minutes

Emirates ID Fine Check

Many residents are struggling to know their Emirates ID fines especially when Covid-19 pandemic, ILOE Insurance Fine, Transportation, Telecommunication and some visa fines are merged with Emirates ID. Soon residents will unable to renew visa, driving license until they clear their ID fines. Let’s begin the guide on How to Check Emirates ID Fine?

May 03, 2024

UAE Visa Fine Check | How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE

How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE
Due to current ongoing new visa rules and UAE Amnesty 2024 many people are struggling to know their overstay fine, this article is all about UAE Visa Fine Check and will guide people to check their Over Stay Fine in UAE within 2 minutes.

Who will Pay Overstay Fine in UAE:

All residents and visit visa holders whose visas are expired or cancelled will be considered as overstayed after grace periods. As per UAE Labour Law, it is violation and they will pay fine for those days. People overstaying should check their visa and Emirates ID Fines online.

People with cancelled or expired visas both residents and tourists must change status (IN/OUT), avail new visit/tourist visa or exit UAE before grace period ends to avoid overstay finesThis is confirmed from GDRFAD and ICA UAE.

Before checking your overstay fines please keep in mind that the last legal day for the cancelled or expired visa holders is now changed from 30 to 60 and 90 days. Grace period is extended for some professions, Check new rules for Grace Period here.

Visa Fines Check Options:
Overstay fines or visa fines can be check through following sites and apps using your Visa File number, Passport Number or Emirates ID Number.

How to Check Overstay Fine on GDRFA Website:

Visit GDRFA Fine website (Fines Inquiry Service) through below link and follow step by step guide.

Check Overstay Fines using File Number:
  1. Choose File Number
  2. Choose Resident
  3. Choose your Place of Visa (Dubai etc)
  4. Write your File Number (201/2023/1234567)
  5. Select Date of Birth
  6. Choose Gender
  7. Clear security check
  8. Click on Submit button
GDRFA Fine check

After clicking submit button, you will able to see your overstay fines on screen (if any), if no fines found, you will get a message stating "No fines have been found on your file number".

GDRFA Fines, GDRFA Visa Fine, UAE Visa Fine check

Check Overstay Fines using Passport Number:

  1. In search type, click on Passport Number
  2. Write your Passport Number
  3. Select your Nationality from the list
  4. Enter Date of Birth
  5. Gender
  6. Security check
  7. Click Submit button
over stay fine in uae

Check Overstay Fines using Emirates ID:

  1. Select Emirates ID option
  2. Write your Emirates ID Number
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Select Gender
  5. Click I'm not a robot
  6. Click on Submit button
How to Check UAE Overstay fine using emirates ID

How to Check Visit Visa Fines?

Visiting Visa Fine Check is for people who are living on visit or tourist visas in UAE, they can also check fines on GDRFADubai website using below options:

  1. Choose File Number in search type
  2. Click on Permit (not resident)
  3. Choose your visa issuing government
  4. Write File Number in correct format
  5. Write your DOB
  6. Choose Gender (Male or Female)
  7. Pass the robot test
  8. Click on Submit
visiting visa fine check

How to Check Overstay Fines on ICA UAE Website:

Another way to check overstay fine in UAE is via ICP UAE official website through below link.


1.     Residence Visa or File Number
2.     Date of Birth
3.     Check below sample

Overstay fines

Step 1:
To begin, click here or visit, once clicked you will be redirected to home page, now look for Public services tab and look for fines and leave permits option.

ICA UAE public services

Step 2:
After clicking fines and leave permits, you will see Fines – Pay Fines option on the top of ica smart service UAE page. Click on start button to begin ICA Overstay Fine.

Overstay Fine in UAE

Step 3:
Once clicked the start button, you will see below 3 step page to fill. On this page you need to write your visa file number from your residence visa.

Overstay in UAE

Step 4:
After writing visa file number details including department number (101, 201, 301) year in which your visa is pasted, serial number (1,2,3) and sequence number that contain 7 digits. Write your date of birth; pass the captcha code and click on search button.

Pay Overstay Fine Online

If your entered details are correct, you will be able to see overstay fine amount under your visa in UAE including number of days you overstayed.

How to reduce overstay fine in Dubai

As we mentioned above, if your visa is cancelled and your grace period is over you must pay fines in-order to leave UAE or get another visa, if your visa is expired and you have not changed the status you will also pay fine upon status change. You can also leave UAE by applying for amnesty scheme.

How much is Overstay Fine in UAE?

Overstay fine on visit visa or tourist visa is now same as residence visa, if you are overstayed on visit/tourist visa, you will pay:

  • 100 AED for the first day
  • 50 AED per day after first day
  • 50 AED as one time service fees

Overstay fine on residence visa is now similar to visit or tourist visa, you will be charged:

  • 50 AED for the first day after grace period
  • 50 AED per day up to 6 months (after first day)
  • 75 AED per day from 6 to 12 months
  • 100 AED per day after 12 months of overstay  

How to Pay Overstay Fines Online:

If you are overstay in UAE and want to pay fines, select your relation with sponsor from the drop down menu and click next, you can also choose none, once clicked on next page, you will be asked to provide your mobile number for the OTP, provide your bank (card) details and submit request.

UAE Overstay Fines

Service Fees and Refund Policy:

The total fees to clear fines is 52 AED approximately including E-service fees 29.4 AED and ICA fees 22 AED. In-case of rejection the fees (52 AED) will not be refunded.

Pay Fines in UAE

Once done, you will received an SMS on your mobile and email confirmation with receipt for the overstay fines you paid. Guide about UAE visa fine check or overstay fine in UAE 2024 ends here. Leave comments for GDRFA Fine queries or join our group for overstay fine waiver options.

March 10, 2024

UAE Ramadan Time Table 2024 | Suhoor and Iftar Calendar

uae ramadan calendar 2024

Ramadan Time Table 2024 UAE, Dubai Ramadan time table 2024, Ramadan Calendar 2024, Ramadan Prayer timings, Imsak, Seher & Iftar time, Suhoor time, imsak time in UAE, Iftar Time Dubai, Iftar time today Dubai, Today iftar time in UAE.

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ramadan uae calendar

Ramadan 2024 Calendar for UAE, Dubai Ramadan Calendar, UAE Ramadan Calendar, Ramadan 2024 uae calendar pdf, Ramadan 2024 uae calendar pdf dubai, Ramadan 2024 Dubai calendar pdf, Iftar Time Dubai.

January 04, 2024

Get International Drivers License for just 170 AED

International driving license Dubai

If you are residing in UAE you have a golden chance to get your International drivers license for just 170 AED which is less than $50. The good thing is that international driving license Dubai can be used in more than 100 countries which allow travelers to drive legally without being questioned or worrying for fines.

If you have a business trip to gulf countries or have plan to travel outside UAE on upcoming vacations either with or without family, getting international driving permit in UAE will definitely help you with a peace of mind throughout your international tour.
December 01, 2023

Most appropriate season & time to invest in real estate in UAE

real estate dubai

Are you looking for a wise investment opportunity? Look no further than buying real estate in UAE for investment! with a booming market and countless options for properties to invest in, there's no better time than to jump in and start earning returns on your money. Don't wait – buy your piece of the UAE real estate market today! Real estate plays a crucial role in the United Arab Emirates economy.

November 23, 2023

Unified GCC Visa | KSA Approves eVisa for GCC Residents

Unified GCC Visa

Breaking News: Saudi Arabia becomes the first country who approves the unified GCC visa on 07 December 2023. Now GCC residents can apply for an eVisa which will be valid for one year and will allow for multiple entries.

The GCC visa will allow visitors to spend 90 days into the Saudi Arabia.

Apply for GCC Visa Online:

GCC Residents can now apply for an eVisa through an online portal or MOFA website whereas residents of United Kingdom, United States and European countries (Schengen zone) can apply for a visa on arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Unified GCC Visa Requirements:

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have approved a Unified GCC Visa also known as unified tourist visa that will allow tourists and residents residing in Gulf countries to travel freely between GCC member states including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

The Requirements are:

  1. Valid Passport with six months validity.
  2. GCC residents visa with minimum three months validity.
  3. For travelers under 18 years of age, the traveler parent is required to apply for an E-visa first.

GCC Visa Fees:

GCC eVisa fees is SAR 300 (USD 80 Approximately) and application fee is SAR 40 (USD 10.55). The applicant will pay total of SAR 340 for 1 year visa.

GCC Tourist Visa is approved:

During GCC Interior Ministers meeting on November 9, 2023 in Muscat, Tourism Minister, Mr Salim bin Mohammed Al Mahrouqi, announced that the Unified GCC visa has been approved by all six countries. The UAE and Saudi Arabia has already announced the launch of GCC visa scheme in October 2023.

What is Unified GCC Visa?

Unified GCC visa is the short-stay Schengen style visa that allows a person both tourists and residents to travel freely between GCC member states. The GCC visa fees and validity is not confirmed yet but it is expected to be valid for 30 to 90 days.

October 22, 2022

How to find UAE visa number and UID Number

UID Number, UAE Visa Number, Unified number, How to found visa number on uae visa

UAE Residence visa is printed or stamped on each and every residents passport, approximately 8.4 million of them, but many are still unaware about the secrets of numbers written on UAE residence visa sticker specially the UID number also known as unified number and UAE Visa Number. Let’s discuss it.
February 10, 2020

No Gratuity for these Employees in UAE

Gratuity in UAE, End of service calculator, Gratuity calculator UAE

Many companies send their employees a termination letter to avoid the payments of gratuity in UAE. Apart from this unfair act from employer, is there any other way where employees lose rights to the end of service gratuity?

Honestly writing, the employee (worker) always has a right for the end of service benefits and it is illegal to send the termination to the employee just to save the end of service gratuity payment. In-case if employer does this, the employee has the following claims against the company.

1.     Gratuity
2.     Minimum 1 month salary for notice period
3.     Pay for arbitrary (uninformed) dismissal

Can an employee lose his gratuity claim?

Yes, the employee can lose his/her gratuity entitlement only if he/she breaches the employment contract in a manner that allows the employer (company) to terminate the worker for cause mentioned in UAE Labour Law Article 120, the other reason when an employee can lose his end of service benefits are:

·       If employee breaches the limited contract
·       If employee resigned before completing one year
·       If employee owes money from company which is more than gratuity, the employer has right to deduct it from employee final compensation.
·       If employee violates the UAE labor law rules written in Article 120 and get terminated without notice period.

Are you eligible for Gratuity? Check Here

Termination of contract and Article 120:

As per UAE labour law article 120, the employer has right to terminate the employment contract without notice only if the worker (employee):

·       Should he be absent without valid cause for more than twenty non - consecutive days in one year, or for more than seven consecutive days.

·       Should he divulge any of the secret of the establishment where he works

·       Should he be found in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of a narcotic during working hours

·       Should he assault during the work the employer, responsible manager or co-worker.

·       Should the worker assume false identity or nationality, or submits false certificates or documents.

·       Should the worker be appointed under probation, and the dismissal occurs during or at the end of the probation period.

·       Should the worker commit an error resulting in colossal material losses to the employer, provided that the Labor Department is notified of the incident within 48 hours of the knowledge of the occurrence thereof

·       Should the worker violate the instructions related to the safety at work or in the workplace, provided that such instructions be written and posted in a prominent location, and that he/she is notified thereof should he/she be illiterate.

·        Should the worker fail to perform his main duties in accordance with the employment contract, and fail to remedy such failure despite a written investigation on the matter and a warning that he will be dismissed in case of repeating.

·       Should he be convicted in a final manner by the competent court in a crime of honor, honesty or public ethics

How to access Online Gratuity Calculator?

      UAE specially Dubai and Abu Dhabi government has achieved the international labour standards and provided many online services such as checking labour contract, visa status, ID status, as per the employer and employees need, below are the links where an employee can use online end of service calculator to calculate gratuity in few minutes.