August 20, 2019

How to get UAE Driving License

Dubai Driving License, Abu Dhabi Driving License, Sharjah Driving License

Getting UAE driving license give you a freedom to travel around the country freely, those who have Dubai driving license know the importance of it as it not only save time but money too which you might pay to public transports such as taxis, buses and metro.

Before proceeding to guide about driving license, please keep in mind that the license you obtain after passing final road test will be considered as UAE license, no matter if you obtained it in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. It can be used across the country.
August 15, 2019

How to Check UAE Visa Status with Passport Number

visa check by passport number

Do you want to check UAE visa status with passport number? If your answer is yes, UAE government smart service has covered you with a website where you can inquire visa check by passport number from your comfort zone.

Through below how to check visa status by passport number guide, the applicant can get below information about his/her entry permit or residence visa:

1.     Entry permit status or visa status which means that the person visa is applied by his/her sponsor and the ministry system is waiting for applicant to complete medical and ID typing process.

2.     Residency status which means the applicant visa permit is converted to residency and is printed on passport with issue and expiry date.

3.     UAE visa cancellation status with visa issue/expiry and cancellation date.

4.     Overstay status to check if the person is in violation list or not.

5.     File close which means the visa is no more valid.

How to check UAE visa status with Passport Number:

Step 1:
To check UAE visa status online, please click below link, you will be redirect to the official website of ICA (Federal authority for Identity and Citizenship)

Step 2:
Choose passport Information and select residency or visa option as per your inquiry.

abu dhabi visa check by passport number

Step 3:
Enter your passport number, expiry date of your passport and choose your nationality from the drop down menu.

Dubai visa status by passport number

Step 4:
Verify the captcha by clicking the captcha box showing I,m not a robot and click on search button.

File Status Result:

Once you clicked the search button, the page will refresh and will show you the status of your visa or residency, the good thing is that this visa information is not only for specific emirate but will work for applications across UAE.

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Visa status Cancelled:

If you are seeing below information, you are getting UAE Visa cancellation status, it means your visa is already cancelled, you can check your visa issue/expiry and the cancellation date on same page.

Dubai visa check by passport number

Visa status Active for Visa Inquiry:

At the time of inquiry if you clicked the visa option and you are getting file status active it means that your sponsor is already applied your visa by submitting the offer letter, labour contract and your passport copy with other visa documents, you need to complete the pending visa process such as entering UAE if you are outside, medical test and ID typing etc.

If nothing found, it means no visa is applied under your passport details, contact your company, PRO or sponsor for the confirmation either they have applied your visa or not.

Visa status Active for Residency Inquiry:

If you selected residency type at the time of inquiry and your visa information box showing you the active status, it means your residence visa is still active until the written expiry date.

UAE Visa status with passport number only

File status Converted:

If you are getting information that converted to residency, it means your entry permit visa is now converted to residency visa with validity of 2 years or 3 years.

uae visa status online with passport number and date of birth

Visa status Violated (Overstay):

If the visa information box showing the file status violated it means the applicant visa is cancelled but he/she is still in UAE and is overstay, in simple words the applicant has cancelled the visa, completed the 30 days grace period and is still inside country, checkout the applicant visa issue date, visa cancellation date and the visa expiry date in same box.

At the time of exit, the applicant will pay overstay fine at airport.

Overstay visa, how to check overstay fine

That’s it; through this helpful guide you can complete visa check by passport number, a special thanks to the government of UAE for making thing easy through providing online services to expats living in the country as well as for those who wish to enter UAE either to visit or to work.
August 03, 2019

How to Check Visit Visa Status in UAE

UAE Tourist visa status

Do you know how to check visit visa status in UAE online? Checking UAE tourist visa status or UAE visit visa status is easy as cooking eggs.

If you have plain to visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi on UAE visit visa or UAE tourist visa either for job hunt or just to visit the country, you must know about how to check visit visa validity in UAE in-order to enter UAE before the expiry of your entry permit.

Dubai government launched a website where a person who is holding visit/tourist visa can check visit visa status online for the last entrance date to UAE and the last exit date (expiry date of visit visa), so tourists do not overstay in the country.

How to check Dubai Visit Visa Status:

Before proceeding to Dubai visit visa status guide, please check out the sample of UAE tourist visa or UAE visit visa which is also known as Tourist/Single-long term visit visa or 3 months visit visa.
uae visit visa sample, uae real visit visa, dubai real visit visa, dubai fake visit visa
3 months visit visa sample 

Below is the step by step guide to check visit visa status UAE, to visit official website of GDRFA for e visa status, click below link.

Step 1:
Choose entry permit validity as a select service to inquire:
how to check dubai visit visa status

Step 2:
Select entry permit code, year of visa and write your entry permit number from your visa, check the above visa sample for the permit number.

how to check uae tourist visa validity

Step 3:
Write your first name in English as written in passport/visa and choose your gender.

sharjah visit visa status online

Step 4:
Write your date of birth in given format (dd-mm-yy)(03-08-2019)and choose your nationality from the drop down list.

uae visit visa status

Step 5:
Enter the captcha code and click on submit button.

check visit visa status uae

Visit visa validity check:

Once you have filled the require fields you will see below image, please note that if you are not yet entered to the country, you will be shown the last entrance date to the UAE, if you didn’t enter the country before shown date, your visa will become invalid and you cannot enter UAE on same visa again.check visit visa status

UAE visit visa expiry check:

If you see below notification after submitting the visit visa status request, it means the applicant is inside UAE and he/she must leave the country before given date or get ready for overstay fine.

Overstay fine on visit visa or tourist visa is 100 AED per day but the first overstay day will be charged 200 AED.
dubai e visa check

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Guide about how to check UAE tourist visa validity is ended here, through above 5 easy steps you can check visit visa status by getting both the last entrance date to the UAE (validity) and the last exit date from the UAE which also known as visit visa expiry date.
July 31, 2019

How to get UAE Liquor License - Alcohol License Dubai

How to get alcohol license Dubai

As per latest Dubai alcohol rules, it is legal to drink if you own the alcohol license Dubai which is also known as UAE liquor license.

In below guide we have shared how to get alcohol license in Dubai with 1 year validity by paying just 270 AED municipality fees.

How to get Liquor License:

You can get your liquor license Dubai in just 3 easy step, first thing you need to do is to visit to registered mmi alcohol store located in Dubai to collect your application form, once collected the form, fill it and stamp it from your employer (sponsor).

Requirements for Alcohol License Dubai:

If you have question in mind that who can apply for liquor license, here are the requirements for alcohol license:

1.     Photocopy of your valid Emirates ID
2.     Photocopy of your valid passport
3.     Photocopy of your visa page
4.     Passport size photograph

Who can get alcohol license in Dubai:

1.     Non-Muslims
2.     Above 21 years old
3.     Monthly salary over 3000 AED
4.     Resident of Dubai (if your visa is other than Dubai, you will require No Objection Certificate from your employer/sponsor.

Processing Time and Fees:

After filling the application form, attached the above mentioned required documents and submit it to MMI Dubai shop. Processing normally takes 2-4 weeks, once your liquor license is approved, you will contacted by the MMI Dubai for the collection.
The Fees is just 270 AED per year.

MMI Dubai Location to pick up your license:

1.     BUR DUBAI
2.     DEIRA
4.     KARAMA
7.     CITY WALK

How to Apply Liquor License Online:

To apply online for liquor license, visit the official website of MML Liquor License by clicking below link, the requirements and fees is same for both applications.

Alcohol for Tourists in Dubai:

Don’t worry if you are in Dubai on tourist visa, you can still buy your favorite drinks after getting alcohol license Dubai through MMI (Maritime and Mercantile International) stores.

Information for Tourists:

Tourists can now buy alcohol from above mentioned 17 of MMI’s stores across Dubai.
1.     Visit any MMI store with your original passport.

2.     Complete and signature on a form mentioning that:
a.     You are on a Tourist visa in Dubai.
b.    That you understand the rules and regulations in regards to purchasing, transporting and consumption of alcohol in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

3.     Each tourist request alcohol license will be issued a code of conduct leaflet in regard to alcohol consumption, as the UAE has strict laws (SHARIA LAW) in this regard.

4.     There is no fee/charges, tourist can shop right away.

UAE Tourism code of conduct:

Tourist code of conduct

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Important Reminders about drinking alcohol in UAE:

1.     Do not drink alcohol in UAE if you are under 21.
2.     Purchase alcohol only from the licensed stores and should only be consumed at licensed premises or at home.
3.     No drunk driving, this is a zero tolerance policy.
4.     During the holy month of Ramadan, alcohol can only be purchased after sundown,
5.     No alcohol in public places.
6.     Sharjah government does not allow anyone to drink alcohol in its state.
July 30, 2019

Spouse Visa UAE Family Visa Requirements

UAE Family Visa Requirements

New UAE family visa requirements announced by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) in July 2019, getting spouse visa UAE is now easier for both husband and wife.

According to the new policy, not the profession or position of the person applying for family visa will be checked but their net income would determine if they are eligible to get UAE family visa or not which is highly appreciated by expats in UAE.

UAE Family Visa Requirements:

ICA said in a statement that male and female expats - who work in UAE - can bring their family (spouse and children under-18 children and unmarried women), if he/she earns a monthly salary of 4000 AED without accommodation or 3000 AED plus accommodation provided by his company.

UAE Family Visa Documents Required:

1.     Marriage contract authenticated and translated into Arabic.
2.     Birth certificates of children authenticated and translated into Arabic.
3.     A recent proof of salary also known as salary statement
4.     Salary certificate for expats working at the public sector, and or the work contract with bank statement of the last three months for employees in private sectors

Both man and women can get spouse visa UAE:

Yes it’s true, as per new rules for spouse visa UAE both husband and wife can sponsor each other or their children to UAE.

Previously, these family permits were exclusively issued to women who were under the sponsorship of their families. Women expats in UAE who were employed in the UAE were under visas provided by their husbands or fathers but now they can get family visa for themselves and can sponsor their families too.

UAE Family visa validity:

The sponsored family members can stay in United Arab Emirates as long as the sponsor's residency is valid.

UAE Family visa fees:

For fees or visa cost, we recommend you to check with nearest TAS,HEEL centres, as per MoHRE the government has just announced 50 to 90 per cent of reduction in fees for 145 government services and transactions, to check the details, click here