How to Apply for UAE Visa Online and Offline

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If you have question in mind on how to apply for UAE visa or entry permit, you are on right page, applying for UAE visa or entry permits is easy as cooking noodles.

You can apply for entry permits or UAE visas through the below mentioned official website of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA-the e-channel for residency and citizenship), or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) which works under the ministry.

ICA offers only online channels to apply for UAE visa or entry permits while the GDRFA offer both online and offline channels to get visa.

Online channels to Apply UAE Visa and Entry Permits:

These are the online channels for applying entry permits UAE:

1: The e-Channels portal
2: The website of GDRFA
3: The smart phone or mobile applications

How to use the e-Channels portal for Visas:

Through the e-Channels portal, both individuals and registered companies in the United Arab Emirates can apply for a new UAE visa or visa renewal. In order to apply, individuals and companies must first register themselves to the visa portal.

Note that e-Visa can be used at entry port in the UAE without the need to put the original visa in the entry port before the arrival of the sponsored.

Website of GDRFA for all emirates:

You can apply online for visa through the websites of the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in each emirate. The links to GDRFA website for each state is listed below:

GDRFA for Abu Dhabi 
GDRFA and Amer for Dubai
GDRFA for Sharjah
GDRFA for Ajman
GDRFA for Ras Al Khaimah 
GDRFA for Fujairah

Note: For Dubai the GDRFA provides another service named which can help residents and nationals to apply for entry permits uae or UAE resident visa for their families.

Through visitors can also extend their visa on arrival.

Apply UAE Visa through Mobile Apps:

People who wish to apply for UAE entry permit or UAE resident visa can use below applications on their smart phones.

ICA e-Channel for Apple and Android (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship)
GDRFA for Apple and Android (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs)

Offline Channels to apply UAE Visa or Entry Permit UAE:

UAE Typing centres:

Offline visa applications can be done through licensed (registered) typing centres across United Arab Emirates where visa application is typed and processed through the GDRFA of the respective emirate.

Upon approval of visa application, the sponsor will receive a message about the approval and the original entry permit.

Amer Centres:

People who wish to get Dubai Visa, Amer centres can help them.
The Government of Dubai stipulates that all entry permit and visa transactions must be carried out through its Amer centres across Dubai. Click here to locate the branches and contact Amer centres in Dubai easily.

Guide on how to apply for UAE Resident Visa or how to apply for Entry permit UAE through Online channels and offline channels ended here, Join our Facebook Group for questions related to Latest UAE Visa Rules.

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