GDRFA Visa Status | Dubai Visa Check and Residence Sticker Download

UAE Visa status

Do you want to check Dubai visa status online? If yes, on GDRFA visa status website you can check Dubai visa validity in just two minutes. Let's begin a step by step guide.

Visa Status Check Dubai:

Before proceeding to UAE visa status check guide, please keep in mind that Dubai has their own website (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) where you can apply for entry permits, search for visa status, check visa fines and much more.

Below are the United Arab Emirates visa check official websites:

How to Download Dubai Residency Copy?

As Dubai Government announced that residence visa stickers (pink visas on passport) are no longer require to print on passports, people are struggling to get their digital copies. To Download your Dubai e-Residency copy, you need to visit GDRFAD official website and follow below steps.

Dubai Residence visa sticker

  1. Visit
  2. Clink Services > Status Tracking and click on File
  3. Write your first name in capital words.
  4. Write File number starting with 201.
  5. Select Nationality.
  6. Write date of birth
  7. Complete the captcha
  8. click search
  9. Click Download e-Residency

GDRFAD e-residency download

How to Check Dubai Visa Status:

To verify Dubai visa if it is real or fake, or to check UAE Dubai visa status and it's validity, you need to visit below official website of Dubai immigration. Once clicked, follow mentioned steps. GDRFA Application status

Dubai Visa Status by Application:
  1. In search by, Choose Application
  2. Write your application number
  3. Write your transaction number
  4. Write the payment date
  5. Pass the captcha & click search.
GDRFA Application status

Note: The application, transaction number and date can be taken from the eReceipt of visa application, check it with your company HR, pro or visa agent. 

gdrfad visa receipt sample

Dubai Visa Status by File Number:
    If you are having your visa file number that starts from 201 (for Dubai), you can easily track your visit or residence visa.

    Why Abu Dhabi visas cannot be checked on GDRFA Website?

    It is because each UAE emirate has their own visa system and channels to complete the visa transactions, so if they have separate system there should be separate visa codes.

    Dubai Visa codes starts with 201 whereas Abu Dhabi visa code starts with 101, so in-order to check status of your visas for specific emirates you need to visit their own websites.

    Sample of Visas for Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

    Dubai Visa Sample
    Dubai and Abu Dhabi visa samples

    How to check Abu Dhabi visa status:

    Expats with visa issued by Abu Dhabi Government can check their visa status and visit or tourist visa validity through ICA website; before checking Abu Dhabi visa status please follow step by step guide about Abu Dhabi visa check by passport no here on this page.

    Abu dhabi visa status

    1.     Visit above mentioned website
    2.     Select passport in search by and visa in select the type.
    3.     Enter your passport number
    4.     Write passport expiry date
    5.     Choose nationality
    6.     I’m not a robot
    7.     Search

    You will get status of your Abu Dhabi visa once you clicked the search button.

    Abu Dhabi visa status with entry permit number

    The guide to check visa status UAE is ended here with hope that you may now be able to track your UAE visa status online in above shown simple steps, for help and inquiries please leave your comments.

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