How to get UAE Driving License

Dubai Driving License, Abu Dhabi Driving License, Sharjah Driving License

Getting UAE driving license give you a freedom to travel around the country freely, those who have Dubai driving license know the importance of it as it not only save time but money too which you might pay to public transports such as taxis, buses and metro.

Before proceeding to guide about driving license, please keep in mind that the license you obtain after passing final road test will be considered as UAE license, no matter if you obtained it in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. It can be used across the country.

Types and categories of UAE Driving License:

·       Motor cycle – category 1
·       Light motor vehicle – category 3
·       Heavy truck – category 4
·       Mini bus  category 5
·       Heavy bus - category 6
·       Fork lift – category 7
·       Shovel – category 8

Eligibility to get Driving License in UAE:

To get new license, the applicant must be:

·       UAE resident or citizen
·       Physically fit
·       Above the legal age

The minimum age requirement to obtain a driving license depends on the type of vehicle, as per driving rules, an applicant must be:

·       17 years old to apply for motorcycle license
·       18 years old to apply for car and light vehicle license
·       20 years old for heavy vehicles and tractors
·       21 years old for light and heavy buses.

Required Documents to open File:

1.     Passport and valid residence visa copy
2.     Original Emirates ID with copy
3.     2 white background photos
4.     Eye test report
5.     NOC from sponsor/company
6.     Visa copy of sponsor if you have own visa

Types of Classes and Tests:

1.     Eye test
2.     8 theory classes
3.     Theory test
4.     Practical training (40 classes)
5.     Parking test
6.     Assessment test
7.     Highway classes at 120 km/h 
8.     Final road test

Driving License Cost and Fee Structure:

Average fee to get LMV license is 5000 AED

·       File opening: 948 AED
·       Lecture fees: 840 AED
·       Regular classes: 1260 AED (40 classes)
·       Preliminary test: 105 AED
·       Signal test: 313 AED
·       Yard test: 335 AED
·       Assessment test: 157 AED
·       Road test: 335 AED
·       Administration charges: 210 AED
·       License Issue Fees: 330 AED

Point: Holder of Manual gear light motor vehicle license can drive the automatic vehicle but the automatic license holders are not allowed to drive a manual gear vehicle.

Below are some of the popular and registered driving institutes in UAE.

Institute to get Abu Dhabi Driving License:
·       Emirates Driving Company 02 5510227

Institutes to get Dubai Driving License:
·       Belhasa Driving Center 04 3243535
·       Emirates Driving Institute 04 2631100
·       Dubai Driving Center 04 3455855
·       Galadari Motor Driving Center 04 2676166 
·       Al Ahli Driving Center 04 3411500 

Institute to get Sharjah Driving License:
·       Sharjah Driving Institute 06 5382020

Institute to get Fujairah Driving License:
·       Fujairah National Driving Institute 09 2222333

How to get discount and save money during registration?

As an author of this blog, i have saved up to 600 AED during my classes and I want everyone reading this guide follow the same thing in-order to save your hard earn money in UAE.

The trick is if you have your home country original driving license with you which should be at least 2 – 5 years old, you will be given discount in training classes from 40 to 30 which mean you can save 300 AED during practical classes.

If your country driving license is more that 5 years old, you will be granted a discount of 20 classes, means that out of total 40 classes you just need to pay for the 20 classes, oh yes, you have saved 600 AED.

Who can apply without NOC for Driving License?

Noc for driving license is no more required, you can open file without NOC letter. we have gathered the information about some professions that do not require NOC or no objection letter.

·       Judge
·       Ship master
·       Prosecutor
·       Noukhaza
·       Lawyer
·       Consultant
·       Legalist
·       Military personnel
·       Doctor
·       Nurse
·       General practitioner
·       Pharmacist
·       Specialist
·       Mufti
·       Imam
·       Speaker
·       Orator
·       Surgeon
·       Daiah
·       Adviser
·       Marriage official
·       Expert
·       Muezzin who call for prayer
·       Professor
·       Teacher
·       Lecturer
·       Historian
·       Instructor
·       Reciter
·       Journalist
·       Hostess
·       Sports referee
·       Trainer
·       Sports player
·       Editor
·       Guide
·       Director
·       Producer
·       Anchor
·       Engineer
·       Commentator
·       Contractor
·       Investor
·       Program planner
·       Owner of land or property
·       Trader
·       Financial analyst/researcher
·       Businessman and Free businesses
·       Accountant
·       Auctioneer
·       Geologist
·       Broker
·       Tour guide
·       Commercial agent
·       Auditor
·       Manager
·       Computer programmer
·       Captain
·       Pilot
·       Writer
·       Storekeeper
·       Treasurer
·       Owner or partner of a business/researcher/establishment economic analyst
·       Also NOC for driving license is not required for personal sponsorship, family member or relatives such as father, mother, wife, son, daughter etc.

Countries who can convert their driving license in UAE:

Citizens of below listed countries can convert their home country driving license to UAE license without opening new file or registration; they do not require passing the road test.

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·       Australia
·       USA
·       Canada
·       Lithuania
·       Portugal
·       Hungary
·       Bulgaria
·       Latvia
·       Luxembourg
·       Serbia
·       Iceland
·       Slovakia
·       Cyprus
·       Romania
·       Italy
·       Germany
·       Poland
·       Switzerland
·       Spain
·       Finland
·       Sweden
·       Greece
·       Holland
·       Belgium
·       Greece
·       Sweden
·       Austria
·       Turkey
·       Ireland
·       Denmark
·       Norway
·       France
·       Britain
·       Japan
·       South Korea
·       China
·       Hong Kong
·       New Zealand
·       Singapore
·       South Africa

Required Documents for converting home License:

1: A valid original driving license of home country with copy.
2:  Valid residence visa copy.
3: License replacement form.
4: No Objection letter from sponsor to replace license.
5: Optometry form accredited by the health authority in UAE.

Eye Test for driving license:
As per above stated requirements for Drivers license in UAE, the eye test is the important first test to pass, the applicant must take an eye test at an eyesight testing center inside driving institute or at registered clinics who are authorized for drivers eye test.

Eye test for light motor vehicle drivers:
One eye 6/18 - Second eye 6/18
One eye 6/12 - Second 6/24
One eye 6/6 – Blind

Eye test for heavy vehicle drivers:
 One eye 6/6 - Second eye 6/18 or 6/12 or 6/9
One eye 6/9 - Second eye 6/9

Eye test for motorcycle drivers:
One eye 6/18 - Second eye 6/18
One eye 6/12 - Second 6/24
One eye 6/6 – Blind

Eye test for light and heavy bus drivers:
Drivers who drive mechanical machines, tractors, light and heavy buses must pass the eye test with 6/6 for both eyes with spectacles or without spectacles.

Color blind applicants can apply for UAE driving license on condition of passing the eye test for driving license.

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