How to Verify if this UAE Visa is Real or Fake?

uae real visa vs fake visa

As per our research some visa agents scam people with fake visas or work permits, to avoid UAE visa fraud, we decided to share a guide "How to check UAE visa is original or fake" with people who wish to visit Dubai to look for job, they can save their hard earn money by checking online if the visa issued to them by agent is real or fake?

Before starting visa verification guide, please learn the types and difference between visit/tourist or entrypermit/residence visa in UAE.

Visit or Tourist Visa Samples:

Samples of visit visa or Tourist visa for Dubai and Abu Dhabi is shared in below PDF file, check the difference of visa issued by each state, it will help you to match the visa page you received from your visa agent with below official visas.

Also note below things:

Visit or tourist visa will be issued for the maximum 90 days, it can be renewed but for first time it will be for 3 months only, another point to be noted that visit visa or tourist visas name for Dubai will be Tourist/Single-Long and Sgl L. Term Entry Permit Visit/Tourism for Abu Dhabi.

Entry Permit or Employment Visa Sample:

Below are the samples of entry permit (work visa) and UAE residence visa (Employment visa). Please note that entry permit means that you have applied for residence visa and your application is approved, you have given 60 days to complete the full visa process (medical and ID typing) to get your residence visa which will be valid for 2 or 3 years.

Entry Permit Sample:

Residence Visa Sample:

How to check if my UAE visa is genuine or fake?

To do this you have three options:

1.     Visa Number Verification Online
2.     Visa Check by Passport Number
3.     Follow Tips to identify fake visa

How to verify UAE visa number:

If your visa agent provided you with a copy of visa, visit GDRFA-Dubai website, you will be redirected to below page, now do the following:

How to check UAE visa is original or fake

1.     Select the file type (Entry permit/Residence)
2.     Write your visa number
3.     Write your first name in English
4.     Select your nationality from the list
5.     Enter your date of birth
6.     Click I’m not a robot
7.     Submit

If your visa is real, the system will show you name of the visa applicant, visa issue and expiry date, if visa is fake system will do not show any record.

How to verify visa with passport number only?

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with above process or your visa is issued in other emirates than Dubai, you can check UAE visa status with passport number also, for example if your visa agent is not providing you your visa copy and asked you for payment first, you can check if really any visa is applied under your passport or the visa agent/company is lying.

To check if visa is real or fake by passport number, visit this ICA visa checking official website and follow below steps.

UAE Real Visa and fake visa

1.     Choose passport information in search by.
2.     Choose visa type you want to search.
3.     Enter your passport number.
4.     Enter passport expiry date.
5.     Select nationality.
6.     Click I’m not a robot.
7.     Search

If new box opened with visa information, check the details of visa, if it matched the visa you applied means your visa is genuine, but if nothing showed to you means that no one applied your visa, so do not pay until you have been given copy of your visa and you checked it online either it is real visa or fake visa.

Tips to Avoid UAE Visa Fraud:

·       Be aware of social media sites, pages and groups especially on Facebook.
·       Do not trust advertising of travel company pages that catch people with cheap visa rates.
·       Only apply through reputed travel and tourism companies.
·       Do not pay advance money.
·       Check visa status online on smart phone or desktop.

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