Get UAE Visit Visa -Tourist Visa without Security Deposit

UAE Tourist visa without security deposit

As we all know that UAE has announced opening of tourist visas from August 30. In this short guide we share the easiest way to sponsor someone on UAE visit visa or UAE tourist visa either by yourself online or through travel agency (ticketing or tourism companies).

UAE Visit Visa process:

To get Dubai tourist visa or visit visa, you can apply online or make an application through the Amer services by visiting the nearest Amer service centres.

Required Documents:

1.     Sponsor photo in white background.
2.     Sponsor valid colored passport copy.
3.     Sponsor original passport and Emirates ID.
4.     Sponsor IBAN number (International bank account number).
5.     Attested relationship proof of the person applying for the visa with the sponsor.
6.     Attested tenancy contract with at least two months validity.
7.     Latest DEWA bill.
8.     Attested labour contracts for private sector employees.
9.     Arabic salary certificate for free zone, semi-government and government employees.

UAE Visit Visa Fee:

Single entry 30 days visit visa cost is 415 AED.
Multiple entry 30 day visit visa cost is 790 AED.
Long-term single entry visit visa for 90 days is for 815 AED.
Long-term multiple entry visit visa for 90 days cost 1840 AED.

Link: 5 Year Tourist Visa Rules

Security Deposit:

If you are applying for a visit or tourist visa through online portals or Amer service centers, you need to pay security deposit which is also known as visit visa guarantee amount. This amount is refundable once visiting person left the country or change his/her status. To avoid security deposit fees, read till end.

GDRFA will secure 1020 AED for first-degree relatives (parents, sibling-brother, sister or children) whereas for second-degree relatives that includes person’s grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces or half-siblings will be charged 2020 AED.

How to get UAE visit visa without paying a security deposit?

To avoid security deposit amount you need to look for authorized travel agency and since the travel agency is the 'sponsor' of your visitor visa, you as an individual, do not have to pay out the security deposit (guarantee) which the Amer services at GDRFA or online portals will ask for when applying through them.

Yes, it’s true when you go through the travel agency (Tourism Company) for sponsoring your first-degree or second-degree relatives; there is no need to pay this security deposit as the travel agency will complete all paper work and the good news is that there is also less paper work from your side.

If you are applying for a visit visa or tourist visa through travel agency, you do not require above mentioned attested labour contract, Arabic salary certificate and tenancy contract etc.

Required Documents for Travel Agency:

1.     First and last passport page with visa copy of the guarantor.
2.     Copy of guarantor (your) Emirates ID.
3.     Color passport copy of visitor (first-last page).
4.     Passport size photo of the visitor (white background).

UAE Tourist Visa Fee:

UAE visit visa fees for 3 months cost 749 AED per person whereas below is the cost involved for other visas:

A.    14 day tourist visa cost 295 AED per person.
B.    30 day single-entry visit visa cost 305 AED.
C.    90 day single-entry visit visa cost 749 AED.
D.    30 day multiple-entry tourist visa cost 950 AED.
E.     90 day multiple-entry tourist visa cost 2,150 AED.
F.     30 day express tourist visa is for 450 AED.
G.    90 day express tourist visa cost 950 AED per person.

Important Points:

Below points to be noted before applying for UAE visit visa or UAE tourist visa:

1.     Person visiting UAE must own passport with minimum validity of six months and if the visiting person is your spouse (husband/wife), the same must be mentioned on your passport.

2.     Once applied and accepted by authorities the visit visa application require a minimum of 2 - 5 working days to approve and may take longer.

3.     In case if your application got rejected, the visa application fee is non-refundable in all cases. So please be careful and checkout all the requirements and read the terms and conditions before proceeding payment process.

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