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Dubai Traffic Fines, Dubai Fines, RTA Fines Inquiry

RTA fines also known as Dubai police fines can be check and pay online in 2 minutes without visiting police station, let’s learn how to complete RTA fine inquiry and pay Dubai RTA Fines.

How to check and Pay Traffic fines in UAE:

·       RTA Website/App
·       Dubai Police Website/App
·       Dubai Police toll free 901 (Bank Card Req)
·       Money Exchange Companies
·       Police Station
·       RTA Service Center
·       RTA Smart Kiosk 

How to Check RTA Fines on Mobile App:

To check RTA traffic fines on mobile, you need to download RTA Dubai Drive app from your store, we have update links for both android and iOS below.

Once downloaded and installed the app, open it and look for My Fines under My Vehicle and Services tab on main page of the RTA App.

Dubai RTA Fines

Step 1: Select Type of Fine Inquiry:
Choose the option as per your need including plate details, traffic code number, license number and fine number. If you want to inquire and pay fines of your vehicle, you should choose Plate Details option. Choose plate source (Dubai, Sharjah), plate type (private, taxi), plate code (A,B,C,1,2,3) write your plate number and click on view fines.

how to check Dubai Police Fines

Step 2: Check Fine Details:
Once clicked on view fines, you will be able to see all fines recorded under the written number plate, details of fines including amount, violation type, ticket date and time, ticket or radar image and many other useful info will be shown to motorist on this page.

rta fines inquiry

Step 3: Pay Traffic Fines:
If you want to pay RTA fines, just select the fines and click Pay button given at the end of this page, after clicking pay button, a pop-up box will open as a new screen to show you the payment option you want to continue with. If you have Dubai now account choose otherwise click on by card or direct debit option and click on next button.

pAY Dubai Fines on Dubai Now account

Once clicked next button, a new page of RTA smart government service provider will be opened with your transaction information and payment method such as credit card, edirhamG2, direct debit, oneclick pay and noqodi. The first option (credit/debit/visa card) is the recommended one.

Edirhamg2, direct debit, oneclick pay

Enter your email address to receive confirmation of payment and mobile number for one time password. Click next, write your card number, expiry date and code to final the payment.

Verify the OTP and click confirm. Once fine paid you will be shown a confirmation text on same page and will also receive confirmation on email and mobile number.

Link: Renew RTA License Online

Check Traffic Fines through RTA Website:

To check your traffic tickets on RTA website, you need to visit official RTA traffic site which is, now look for driver and car owner under services tab or click below link to redirect to Dubai RTA fines page.

Driver and car owner

Once landed to UAE traffic fines inquiry page, you will be given four options to search if there are any fines registered or not, the 4 options are:

1.     Vehicle Plate Number
2.     Driving License Number
3.     Fine Number (if you already have fine)
4.     Traffic File Number (TC Number)

Let’s begin learning that how someone can check fines on vehicle plate number.

Step 1: Write your vehicle plate number, select an Emirate in which vehicle is registered such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, then select vehicle category (private, taxi etc) and select vehicle code from the drop down menu. Pass the captcha and press search button.

rta fines

Note: For Dubai the plate code will be alphabet whereas for Abu Dhabi and Sharjah it will be numeric or color names code.

Step 2: On page 2, you will be shown everything system know about your vehicle plate that includes total fine amount, black points, violation type with date, time, the original ticket or radar photo etc. we highlighted all the important points with red.

Dubai RTA Fines

Step 3: Your fine checking query ends here, if you want to pay your fine online, you can do it on the same page by clicking continue and verify the identity button.

Now, write your traffic code number from the back side of your license, write your birth year, pass the captcha and click confirm button. 

Traffic file number dubai

Now you will be redirected to payment page where you need to add your bank card details. Once fine paid, you will receive confirmation mail on provided email.

Note: On RTA Desktop site, only the vehicle owner can pay fines, if you are not the owner and want to pay fines, we recommend you to use Dubai Police mobile app.

Check Traffic Fines on Dubai Police App:

To check your driving fines on Dubai Police mobile app you first need to download its app from below links or you can directly visit the web version by writing

Step 1: Once downloaded the app, open it and you will be shown Fine Payment option on main home screen, click on search button, if you cannot found the fine payment option on main screen, don’t worry, you can get it in the services tab as shown in image.

Dubai Fine Payment by Dubai Police

Step 2: choose one from 4 options to complete fine inquiry, we are choosing plate. Write your plate code and plate number and enter done.

RTA Fines, Dubai Police Fines

Step 3: After clicking done button, a new page named ticket list will be open with full details of registered fines under your provided vehicle plate number that includes date and time of the fine, location where the violation has recorded, ticket number, fine amount, number of black points and more importantly the reason of fine with image of radar (road camera) or ticket receipt.

Dubai Police Fines Ticket list

Step 4: Now if you wish to clear your traffic fines, you can pay it easily. Click Pay button so you will be redirected to page 2 named validation where you need to verify yourself by providing your email address and active mobile number to receive the OTP. Click on send otp and check your sms.

RTA Fines, Dubai Fines

Once received the OTP enter it, you will be moved to page 3 where you need to add your credit/debit card details, once everything done, you will receive an sms with confirmation that you have successfully paid the fines.

Pay Dubai Police Fines Online

Check Fines by Traffic File Number Dubai:

Dubai traffic file number also known as TC Number (T.C No) which is basically an 8 digit traffic code number written on the back side of UAE driving license.

UAE Driving License Traffic File Number

To check fines on your TC no, just open Dubai Police fine inquiry page and choose option 2 of T.C No, enter your 8 digit personal traffic code number and click done. If there are any fines it will be shown to you on the next page.

Check fines on Dubai Traffic file number, Dubai Traffic File Code

How to Check UAE Driving License Fines:

Option 3 on Dubai Police app (fine inquiry page) is for those who wish to check their license fines, to do so you need to choose Emirates in which your license is issued such as Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman then write your 7 digit drivers license number and click on next button.

Driving License Fines

If you have any fine registered on your driving license will be shown to you on next page.

Check Fines through Ticket Number:

The fourth and last option is to check your fines through fine number or ticket number, below fines can be checked on Dubai Police mobile app by entering just ticket number and fine year:

·       Abu Dhabi Municipality
·       Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines
·       Abu Dhabi Transport
·       RTA Parking Fines
·       RTA LIS Inspection
·       RTA PTA Inspection
·       Salik Fines
·       Sharjah Traffic Fines
·       Dubai Municipality
·       Sharjah Municipality
·       UAQ Traffic
·       RAK Traffic
·       Ajman Traffic
·       Fujairah Traffic
·       Bus Lanes Fines
·       Parking spaces for Trains
·       PTA – TAM – School Transport Fine
·       GCC Countries Traffic Fines

Check Dubai Fines Online

Check and Pay Fines at RTA Kiosk:

To check and pay your license or vehicle fines at RTA smart self-service kiosks, the owner of the driving license or vehicle by itself need to visit the kiosk (as he/she may require ID card) and do the following:

·       Click on e-service & look for Fine Inquiry & Payments
·       Enter your Plate or License number
·       Verify OTP and Pay fine if any
·       Both Cash and Card is accepted at Kiosk

That’s it. Hopefully this guide will help you to check your Dubai RTA Fines, if you have any question related to Dubai Police Fines (Dubai Fines) you can leave your comment below.

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