Gratuity Calculator UAE for Domestic Workers

gratuity calculator uae for domestic workers as per uae labour law, gratuity for domestic workers uae

Gratuity Calculator for domestic workers also known as end of service calculator for domestic workers or housemaids gratuity in UAE to be discuss in today’s short but important guide through which all domestic workers can calculate their gratuity online in few minutes.

Gratuity for Domestic Workers:

Gratuity for domestic workers UAE is officially announced by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and can be calculated on basic salary at 14 days salary per year, before proceeding to online gratuity calculator or online domestic worker calculator, please keep below points in mind.

UAE Domestic workers law, Article 26 stated:

The worker, who completes one year or more of continuous service, shall, at the end of his/her service be entitled to an end-of-service compensation. Unpaid days of absence from work shall enter into the calculation of the end-of-service compensation. The compensation shall be calculated on the basis of 14-day wages for each year of service and becomes due upon the termination of the contract. The calculation of the compensation resumes upon the renewal of the contract.

Who cannot get Gratuity?

Any domestic worker who breached the contract (resigned) or did not completed the contract period without any reason will not be able to claim for gratuity pay.

Article 27 of Domestic helpers law stated:

The worker shall be denied end-of-service compensation if the contract is terminated due to unlawful discontinuance of work or if the worker acts to terminate the contract without due cause.

What if someone resign before contract ends?

If you (employee) have breached your employment contract you are liable to pay contract breach compensation (salary/money) to your employer which should be your net salary or total salary, for example if you are getting 2000 AED a month, you are supposed to pay 2000 AED to your sponsor (employer) if you don’t want to continue with him/her as a contract breach compensation fine.

What if Employer breaches the Contract?

If you have resigned because the employer breaches the contract, or if your employer (sponsor) terminates you without any reason, you should get one-month full salary (extra) from your employer as contract breach compensation (salary/money). For example, if you are getting 2000 AED full salary a month, your employer should pay you your gratuity, your normal monthly salary along with 2000 AED extra for breaching the contract.

Gratuity for those who ends contract:

Gratuity for those housemaids and other domestic workers who completed the contract with their employers and don’t want to renew again with them will get gratuity as per UAE labour law.

How many Professions are coming under Domestic Workers?

The new list of professions under the domestic helpers or domestic workers include are: (only for households, not companies)

1: Housemaids
2: Private sailor
3: Watchman and security guard
4: Household shepherd
5: Family chauffeur
6: Household horse groomer
7: Household falcon care taker
8: Trainer
9: Housekeeper
10: Private Coach
11: Private teacher
12: Babysitter
13: Household farmer
14: Private Nurse
15: Private PRO
16: Private agriculture engineer
17: Private Teacher
18: Drivers

How to Calculate Gratuity in UAE for Domestic Workers:

To calculate domestic workers gratuity as per UAE Labour Law through MOHRE UAE website
Click Below Link

Once you have clicked the above link, you will be redirected to below page.

domestic workers gratuity calculation

Step 1:
Write your contract start date and end date.

Domestic workers visa rules as per uae labour law

Step 2:
Write down your total net salary which you are receiving from your employer and your basic salary which was signed in domestic worker’s contract by both parties.

end-of-service benefits for domestic workers

Step 3:
Select reason of leaving from below mentioned six options including:

house workers gratuity in uae

1: Contract Ended
2: Resigned or dismissed on probation period
3: Worker resigned for no reason
4: Worker resigned because employer breached the contract
5: Worker dismissed for no reason
6: Worker dismissed for breaching the contract

Step 4:
In case if you have not paid with Annual leave salary, weekend allowances, injury or disability money or any other specific salary such as if you have worked on holidays etc, you need to select the number of days, months or year to get your total allowances.

annual leave salary for housemaids as per uae labour law

Once you have successfully filled above requirements, check the amount written on total allowances tab, you can print it for your safety or take screenshot of it to avoid future issues with your employer.

gratuity rules for domestic workers in uae
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Guide about gratuity calculator for domestic workers or gratuity for housemaid in UAE is ended here, for more UAE Labour Law updates, please keep visiting us.

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