Newborn Registration, Birth Certificate and Visa Process

getting passport, visa and emirates id for newborn in uae

Having new baby is blessing from the Almighty and off course nobody wants to turn the blessings of newborn baby into problems by delaying the legal process of new baby registration, in this guide we are covering following things for newborn babies in UAE:

1.     Registration of Newborn Baby
2.     Getting a Birth Certificate
3.     Getting New Passport
4.     Getting Residence Visa
5.     Getting Emirates ID

Step 1: How to Register Child Birth in UAE:

Once the baby is born, the hospital your baby is delivered in will provide you a stamped and signed birth notification which is also known as the notification of birth certificate. This certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can be in English or Arabic language.

Step 2: How to get Birth Certificate:

Parents of new baby have maximum period of one month (30 days) to register their child’s birth in UAE, to get birth certificate you need to apply online or submit below require documents to Ministry of Health and Prevention, please note that if the parents are from different countries (nationality), the baby will adapt the nationality of father.

Birth Certificate Registration and Issuance Links:

·        Request birth certificate online - MoHP
·        Birth certificate in Abu Dhabi - HAAD
·        Register child’s birth in Dubai - DHA

Required Documents:

·       Attested and translated marriage certificate
·       Parents original passport and copy
·       Parents valid residence visa and copy
·       Copy of Emirates ID with the original
·       Stamped Birth notification from hospital
·       Discharge summary from the hospital

Useful Points:

Residents must get birth certificate of their newborn baby attested by Ministry of Health and Prevention and Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation.

Birth certificate stamped by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or Department of Health Abu Dhabi (HAAD) are equivalent to the seal of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, once you get the birth certificate, check it as certificate must contain the given name of newborn baby, date of birth, place of birth, parent’s name, nationality and religion.

If the father is not available an official power of attorney is required from the father or the father's signature on the application for the birth certificate is required.

Birth Certificate Fee:

Arabic birth certificate 50 AED
English birth certificate 50 AED
Attestation fee (MOH) 20 AED
Attestation fee (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) AED 150
Health card AED 110
Birth certificate translation fee 15 AED

Step 3: How to get Passport for Newborn in UAE:

Before proceeding the visa process you should get baby passport, to get new passport for your newly born baby, you need to visit your embassy in UAE or you can apply online or get information regarding passport for newborn in UAE through embassy websites, below are the links of consulates or embassies of expats living in UAE.

Step 4: How to get Residence visa for Newborn:

Parents have 120 days (4 months) starting date of birth to arrange and complete the required formal documents such as birth certificate, passport, visa and Emirates ID of their new baby.

Once you have received the original birth certificate, visit any TASHEEL, registered typing center or directly the General directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs with below set of required documents in-order to apply for residence visa.

The visa requirements for newborn are:

1.     Online residency application or do it through typing offices
2.     Parents passport copies with original
3.     Parents valid visa copies
4.     Parents valid Emirate ID card with copies
5.     Photo of newborn baby with open eyes
6.     Copy of parent(s) employment contract
7.     Salary certificate stating monthly salary
8.     Attested marriage certificate
9.     Tenancy contract
10. Health Insurance
11. Paid utility bill

Fine for delay:

If residence visa for newborn is not finalized within 4 months of time (120 days maximum), then the fine of 100 AED per day would be charged for each day over the 120 day period, note that baby will not be allowed to exit the UAE until the completion of residence visa.

Final Step: Getting Emirates ID for Newborn:

Once you have applied for the residence visa, wait for the approval from ministry, after approval visit your nearest Emirates ID Authority and open new ID application for your newly born baby.

The requirements to apply for Emirates ID are:

1.     Parent’s passports
2.     Parent’s valid visas
3.     Emirates ID’s
4.     Attested birth certificate of newborn

 Tips for Parents:

·       For delivery in Public hospitals, you must have valid health card.

·       If you are pregnant but unmarried, you are doing crime.

·       During whole registration process, carry your marriage certificate and original passports with you.

·       You have 30 days only to register your child’s birth.

·       You have 120 days to complete whole process.

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