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Amnesty UAE 2023

As per latest news about amnesty in UAE approximately 100,000 residents applied for the amnesty UAE scheme few years back to waive off their overstay fines by immigration and in response millions in fines waived off by UAE government in 2018 and in 2020 respectively.

We have witnessed that hundreds of illegal residents left UAE without paying overstay fine during previous UAE amnesty period by getting exit passes but there are still many illegal expats who missed the chance to change their status from illegal to legal at that time and now eagerly waiting for the amnesty UAE 2024 latest news, so is there any chance for them again? Let’s discuss.

Amnesty UAE 2024:

Many people search on internet about when is the next amnesty in UAE but they got nothing then the previous amnesty news and reports and it is because there is no open amnesty announced yet. Read Last Amnesty News here

To be honest, as per our experience; it looks like there will be another open amnesty in 2024 and it is because of government policy to clean the country from all illegal residents by allowing them to rectify their status either by exiting the country or by getting legal permits to live and work freely.

Amnesty Dubai 2024:

If we talk about amnesty in Dubai, there is no amnesty announced by Dubai Government yet, The last amnesty was “Boarding ticket for illegal residents”. Hope, Dubai will soon announced Amnesty 2024.

Who can apply for UAE Amnesty 2024?

If government of UAE announced another amnesty scheme for the year of 2024, the following residents can avail it:

1.     Violators and illegal residents
2.     Job seekers who overstay
3.     People who entered UAE illegally
4.     Widows and divorced women
5.     People suffering wars and disasters in their home countries

Amnesty is always open:

Till this point we were discussing the rumors so if you still wanted to wait for the open amnesty scheme alike last one which allow illegal resident different options to choose then it is OK, otherwise if you have emergency in home country or you wanted to exit as soon as possible then amnesty doors are always open for you.

As per UAE consistent policy, amnesty is always available to anyone acknowledging their errors, to do so the expat need to surrender to immigration by visiting the respective GDRFA and ICP UAE offices and ask for help by submitting an application to waive off the overstay-fine and to get the exit pass also known as exit permit.

Link: Check Overstay Fine Online 

Immigration staff will review the application, will check applicant status either he/she is clear from court and criminal cases or not, if immigration accepted the request, an applicant need to pay the application fees around 200 AED and will require to buy air ticket to exit the country within 14 days once the exit pass issued. 

Once the exit pass is issued, all his/her fines will be removed from system and the person cannot re-enter UAE again.

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The amnesty debate comes to an end, will you wait for the next amnesty in UAE which might start soon or you are going to exit the country by getting out pass? We love to hear from you, use below comment box for your questions regarding amnesty UAE 2024.

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