3- 6 Months Grace Period after Visa Cancellation

6 months grace period after visa cancellation

Big changes in UAE visit visa and residency systems. This time UAE Immigration (ICP UAE and GDRFAD) confirms the same overstay fine for both residence visa holders and visit or tourist visa holders. Grace period after visa cancellation is also extended to 2, 3 and 6 months.


New Overstay Fine Rules:

UAE implements new overstay fines for both tourist visa holders and residence visa holders. As per the latest updates, visit visa overstay fine is reduced by half while residence visa fine is doubled.


Fine for Tourist and visit visa holders:

Overstay tourists and visit visa holders were paying 100 AED per day earlier which is now reduced to 50 AED. Aiiwa, it's true, those overstay on visit visas will pay 50 AED instead of 100 AED for each day of delay.

The first day after completing the visit visa grace period will cost 100 AED whereas second day fine will be 50 AED per day. Visit/Tourist visa grace period is 10 days which is automatically provided to the visa holder upon entry in UAE.


Overstay Fine on Residence visa:

Earlier, the violators of residence visa holders were paying 25 AED per day as an overstay fine, which is now increased to 50 AED per day. In simple, those overstaying on a residency visa will have to pay double instead of 25 AED each day.

The grace period after visa cancellation or expiry of residence visa was 28 days which might change to 58 days, and 88 days. The visa holder must leave UAE or change status within grace period. In case of delay for more than allowed extra days, the residency holder will become violator and will be charged 50 AED per day.


Link: Check Overstay Fine Online


On October 13, the ICP UAE (Federal authority for identity and citizenship, customs and port security) approved amendments in visit, tourist, and residence visas. Read all new changes here.


Grace Period Extended:

Another big change by GDRFAD is the extension of grace period after visa cancellation. As per one of our colleagues, he got his visa cancelled through AMER Center on 04-11-2022 and he received cancellation paper with grace period of 3 months (88 days) until 31-01-2023.


Not only he, but we too were amazed by the new change, we directly contacted GDRFAD toll free in-order to check if it is new rule or what?


As per the GDRFAD customer service agent, "yes, the grace period of residency visa holders after cancellation has been extended from 30 to 60, 90 and 180 days".


One of the ICA approved typing centre also confirmed that the grace period is extended for some of his clients. 

Do this Grace Period applicable to all?

After confirmation from Dubai immigration and approved typing agents, the grace period duration depends on profession type in visa which is already classified by MOHRE as a skilled profession

Link: Check your Profession Category 

180 Days Grace Period:

Below are the professions who will get 180 days of grace period after visa cancellation. These profession falls into category 1 and 2 or skill level 1 or 2.

Skill Level 1 Professions List:

Skill level 1 professions including Golden visa holders, green residency visa holders, widows and divorcees, student who have completed their studies. Full list of skill level 1 profession is updated below.

1.     Management Staff

2.     HR Officer

3.     Finance Manger

4.     Sales Manager

5.     Engineer

6.     Doctors

7.     Surgeons

8.     Physicians

9.     Clinicians

10. Pharmacist

11. Lawyers

12. Administration Officer

13. Reservation Officer

14. Public Relation Officer

15. Accountants

16. Teachers

17. Professors

18. Draughtsman

19. Advertising Designer

20. Graphics Designer

21. Marketing Specialist

22. Quantity Surveyor

23. Executive Secretary

24. Accounts Clerk


Skill level 2 are professionals having diploma are:

1.     Technicians

2.     Mechanics

3.     Software Developers

4.     Web Developers

5.     Telecom Technicians

6.     Architectural Technicians

7.     Auto Mechanics

8.     Computer Operator

90 Days Grace Period:

Residents fall under skill level 3 will get 3 months grace period (88 days). Below is the list of professions classified in category 3 skill level by Ministry.

Level 3 Profession List:


1.     Sales Staff

2.     Sales Executive

3.     Sales Supervisor

4.     Sales Representative

5.     Site Supervisor

6.     Customer Service Representative

7.     Call centre agents

8.     Administration Clerk

9.     Customs Clearing Clerk

10. Customs Clearing Agent

11. Customs Representative

12. Cash Desk Clerk

13. Clerk Assistant

14. Archive Clerk

15. Ticketing Clerk

16. Cashier

17. Receptionist

18. Switch Board Operator

19. Storekeeper

20. Tourist Guide

21. Documents Controller

22. Documentation In charge

23. Property Owners

30 - 60 Days Grace Period:

Skill level 4-5 are the normal professions who may get 30-60 days grace period after cancellation.

1.     Drivers

2.     Domestic staff

3.     Nannies & Maids

4.     Cleaner

5.     Labourer

6.     Blue-collar worker

7.     Office Boy

8.     Office Girl

9.     Beauty Saloon

10. Barber (Hairdresser)

11. Messenger

12. Loading & Unloading workers

13. Ordinary Labourer

14. Painters

15. Steel Fixer

16. Plumber

17. Construction worker

18. Other General Labours

so, it is now clearer that some might get 1 month grace only, but the customer service agent confirmed that this is new rule and is already in effect. We have shared a copy of cancellation paper mentioning 3-month grace period below.

One of another blog reader sent us his cancellation copy with 2 months grace period which is also attached in below file for your reference. You can also share your cancellation copy of 6 months with us. 

You can also contact ICP UAE or GDRFAD to confirm the new changes in grace period. The 2 cancellation we received with extended grace period are transportation company (Driver in profession) and Electrotechnical work company (Technical Engineer in Profession).


So, the rumours of 6 months grace period in UAE are becoming true, leave your comments if you are looking for help regarding grace period after visa cancellation. Also share your thoughts on new visa overstay fine rules. 

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