UAE Job Seeker Visa Fees, Deposit & Requirements

UAE Job Seeker Visa

UAE amendments in visit, tourist and residence visas is completed and the new 60 days visit visa, job seeker visa is being issued by ICP UAE and GDRFAD. Let’s discuss the new types of UAE visit visa, tourist visas including fees and requirements.


New UAE Visa Types 2022:

·       60 days Tourist visa (single entry)

·       60 days Visit visa (multiple entry)

·       UAE Job seeker visa

·       Visit visa for Truck drivers

·       5 years visit visa (multiple entry)

·       Virtual Work Residency

·       Visit for Investment opportunities

·       Green Residency

·       Freelancer visa



UAE Job Seeker Visa:

Those looking for jobs and visiting UAE for job hunt can take advantage of a new job seeker visa allowing them to stay in the country for 60, 90 and 120 days.

The job seeker visit visa provides easy entry to the emirates for young talents and skilled workers to explore new job opportunities without requiring a host or sponsor in the United Arab Emirates.


Who can Apply for Job Seeker Visa?

As per UAE Cabinet decision (expected to amend) following individuals can apply for job seeker visit visa.

1.     Young talent & skilled professionals

2.     Those classified in the first, second and third skill level as per the MoHRE.

3.     Fresh graduates of the top 500 universities in the world.

4.     Individuals having bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.


How to Apply for Job Seeker Visa?

Access the ICP smart services, search for exact visa you wish to apply, fill the application form, pay the fees and submit. Application of Job search visit can be submitted through various channels including:

  1. ICP UAE web portal or Mobile application.
  2. Customer happiness service centres
  3. Typing centres accredited from ICP


Required Documents:

·       Passport copy

·       Personal Photo (6x6cm)

·       Educational Certificate

·       Hotel reservation or rent contract

·       Return Air Ticket

·       Health Insurance

·       Show money (5000 AED for airport only)

·       Account statement (optional)

Job seeker visa requirements

Fees for UAE Job Seeker visa:

  • 60 days visa fees: 470 AED ($129)
  • 90 days visa fees: 630 AED ($172)
  • 120 days visa fees: 790 AED ($290) 


As per ICP UAE official website, the Job seeker visa costs between 470 AED to 790 AED approximately including Immigration application fees, DHAFRA and ADNIC insurance fees. 

Whereas the fees can be a bit more at typing centers or at travel agencies.

job seeker visa fees

Security deposit amounting 1025 AED is must for all job seeker visas which will be used as a guarantee. The security deposit is refundable once the applicant found a job and convert his/her entry permit to residency (change status) or while leaving UAE.


Long Term Tourist Visa 60 days (Single Entry):

As all know, 3 months visits visas are no more, UAE has announced 60 days visit and tourist visas instead of earlier 90 days visits. The 2-month tourist visa is extendable (for 60 days) and applicable for both single entry and multiple entries.

This new long term UAE tourist visa applies to tourists who wish to spend more than 60 days in the UAE. People below the age of 18 who are travelling alone are only eligible to apply for this type of visa when travelling with their parents holding the same visa type.

60 days Visit Visa Fees: 650 AED 

Validity of entry: 60 days

Duration: 60 days (2 months)

Number of Entries: Single entry


Long Term Visit Visa 60 days (Multiple Entry):

The new UAE Long-Term Visit Visa can be used for multiple entry and is valid for 60 days. You may apply if you intend to stay longer and travel multiple times to the United Arab Emirates.

Individuals below the age of 18 who are travelling alone are only eligible to apply for this type of visa when travelling with their parents holding the same visa type.


Visit Fees: 1380 AED

Validity of entry: 60 days

Duration: 60 days (starts from date of entry).

No of Entries: Multiple entry within 60 days from the date of entry to UAE.


Required Documents for 60 days visit:

  • Coloured Photo
  • Colour Passport Copy
  • National ID Card (for specific nationalities)
  • Return air ticket (optional)


UAE Visa information - Etihad Airways

Multiple Entry 5 Year Tourist Visa:

Another big step in terms of boost to tourism industry is UAE’s multiple entry tourist visa for 5 years. The reviews are yet to come, fewer reviews are that the visas is bit expensive but many are interested to apply.


Benefits of 5 Years Tourist Visa?

Upon applying, the applicant can obtain a multi-entry tourist visa for a period of 5 years. It allows the beneficiary to stay in UAE for a continuous period not exceeding 90 days and may be extended to a period not exceeding 180 days during the year.

Some other benefits are:

  • The 5 years Multiple entry tourist visa does not need a guarantor.
  • For each entry, the visa holder can stay in UAE for up to 90 days.
  • The Multiple entry tourist visa is also extendable for another 90 days.
  • This visa is open to all nationalities.


5 Years Visa Fees:

This multiple entry tourist visa cost 650 AED including immigration and ICP application fees whereas the applicant needs to pay 3025 AED security deposit.


5 year tourist visa

The deposit is refundable upon completing the visa period or during status change process.


Supporting Documents for Application:

  • Personal Photograph
  • Passport Copy
  • Stamped Bank Statement ($4000)
  • Medical Insurance (health insurance)
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Hotel Booking or Residence contract
  • Expats National ID (for some nationalities)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bank statement for the last 6 months with balance of 4000 dollars or its equivalent in foreign currencies (14640 AED) is must. The statement must be signed and stamped by the reputed bank.


Visit Visa for Truck Drivers:

UAE also announced special visit visas for truck drivers with validity of 30, 60 and 90 days. It cost 430 AED for 30 days, 670 AED for 60 days and 930 AED for 3 months. Motorists having profession of drivers can get this visa.

The security deposit for truck drivers visa is 2025 AED which is also refundable upon status change.


Free Zone visas change to 2 years:

In recent changes of visit and residency duration, Dubai Freezones to issue 2 years residence visas instead of 3 years which is already started by Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) since October 4, 2022.


Positive Point:

People getting UAE job seeker visa are having multiple chances to get hired in upcoming days. Companies will also prefer people with having job seeker visit visas during hiring process. Both visitors and residents are praising the new visa changes. Let us know your thoughts on the new amendments.

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