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Have you subscribe to the mandatory ILOE Insurance? If not, keep in mind that ILOE fine of AED 400 have been started after the deadline. Let’s start a step by step guide on how to subscribe for ILOE Insurance UAE and how to check ILOE fine?



ILOE stands for involuntary loss of employment also known as job loss insurance is the scheme that provides security for employees who lost their jobs due to reasons other than disciplinary action or resignation until they find a new job.


Is it Mandatory to apply for ILOE?

Yes, if you are an employee in the private sector or federal government sector and have a work permit issued by MOHRE, you have to apply for job loss insurance in UAE. In simple words, Emiratis and all those having valid residence visa applied by federal government and private sector companies must subscribe to unemployment insurance program.

Who are not eligible to subscribe?

·        Investors (Owners of companies)

·        Domestic workers

·        Visit or tourist visa holders

·        Temporary contract workers

·        Juveniles under the age of 18

·        UAE Retirees 


What are ILOE Insurance Plans?

Category A:

People having salary below AED 16000 are coming under category A and they will pay 5 AED + VAT per month (126 AED for 2 years). In case of job loss, they can get compensation benefit of up to 10,000 AED per month.

Category B:

Employees getting salary above 16000 AED are coming under category B, they will pay 10 AED + VAT per month (240 AED + VAT per year). If the employee have subscribe to the insurance of job loss, he/she can get compensation benefit up to 20,000 AED per month.

Required Documents:

  1. Emirates ID or Unified Number
  2. Valid UAE Mobile Number

How to subscribe for ILOE Insurance?

To subscribe for involuntary loss of employment insurance scheme in UAE, you need to visit official website and follow below steps:

1.     Visit ILOE website or app

2.     Click on Subscribe here button

3.     Select Individual, click on confirm button.

4.     Enter EID/UID no, Mob no, request OTP.

5.     Pay the fees and get ILOE insurance.

iloe insurance uae

Other ways to subscribe for ILOE are:

·        Etisalat

·        Botim

·        Dubai Islamic Bank

·        Mashreq Bank

·        Al Ansari Exchange

·        MOHRE

·        TASHEEL

·        TAWJEEH

·        Upay and MBME Pay Kiosk

·        C3 Pay


How much is ILOE Fine:

400 AED is the fine for not subscribing or complying with the ILOE policy. While those who do not meet their regular payment obligations may pay a fine of 200 AED.

No Visa without Insurance:

Mohre urged workers to subscribe or pay their due fines promptly in order to avoid administrative measures that will be taken against the violators, including being denied new work permits. Please keep in mind that no new visas are issuing until the ILOE insurance for 2 years is paid by the employee.

ILOE Contact: 600599555.


How to Check ILOE Fine Online:

In-order to check ILOE Insurance fine, you need to visit e services mohre page through below link and just follow four steps. 

1.     Visit 

2.     Look for ILOE Quick Pay, Click on it

3.     Now search ILOE Fine by typing your Emirates ID number, UID number, Labor Card number or Person code UAE.

4.     If you have any fine, it will be shown to you with person name, fine date and amount, if not, system will show "there is no fine against the person".

Involuntary loss of employment fine

Check ILOE Fines on MOHRE App

ILOE fines can also be checked on MOHRE UAE mobile application, simply download/install the app and follow below steps:

  1. Sign-in or Login with UAE Pass
  2. Look for ILOE Quick Pay on home screen
  3. Write Card number or person code
  4. Click search and check fines
iloe quick pay in mohre uae app

How to Pay ILOE Fines?

ILOE fines can be deducted from employee salary or end of service benefits, if you want to pay at your own, you can pay it at:

  1. Tasheel web page
  2. Mohre enquiry page
  3. Tasheel offices (Cash)

To pay involuntary loss of employment fine online, follow below steps:

  1. Visit MOHRE ILOE Quick Pay Page.
  2. Write ID number and search for fine.
  3. Enter mobile no, email and click on Pay button.
  4. Check company information and submit.
how to pay iloe fine online

Once submit, you will be redirected to payment page, choose payment type, enter bank card details and get fine receipt via sms and email. Please note that ILOE fines may be shown on your
labour card or emirates id, we recommend you to check emirates id fine to confirm.

Another option for ILOE fine check is to visit MOHRE official website, look for services tab, and at last in the drop down menu you will find iloe quick pay, click on it and you will be redirected to mohre eservices page of tas-heel. You might be asked to install a software, simply install the setup and access the ILOE Insurance fine and payment service.

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