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January 27, 2020

GDRFA encourage public to Report illegal workers

Mix reactions came after the GDRFA senior officer encouraged public to report illegal domestic workers in UAE. Dh10,000 of compensation also announced for those who report absconding maids to authorities.

Many expats are not happy as they criticize employer’s behavior with workers which resulting runaway and other illegal cases.


Members of the public are being encouraged to immediately report illegal workers who approach them for a job said Major-General Mohammad Al MERRI, the Director General of The Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Dubai.

Major General Mohammad Al Amerri:
"If any absconding maid or worker wants to work illegally for you or someone you know, you should immediately and quietly contact the Amer service on 8005111 who will come to your home or work place to catch them without any trouble or noise”.

10,000 AED Reward:
As covered by Gulf News and other news websites, people in Dubai were encouraged to report their absconding maids to the authorities as they can be rewarded with 10,000 AED of compensation if the maid is found to be working for a different employer, an official said.

The compensation is applicable if maid found working with another employer.

Fine for hiring illegal workers:

People hiring maids who have absconded from their original employers will face a fine of 50,000 AED while hiring an illegal worker or maid will incur a 100,000 AED fine and a jail term.

Major General Al Merri said: “His department was conducting a survey of maids who had worked legally for families in Dubai for many years to find out how they had managed to stay with the same family for such a long time.

He more added: "I have noticed that domestic helpers from the Philippines are the main ones who work for the same family for many years".

Who are illegal workers?

Expats living or working in UAE without valid visas or those who overstay from long period will be count as illegal workers.

Who are absconders in UAE?

If the expat worker runaway from their sponsors, employers or companies without cancellation of visa, it will be considered as absconding from the job and the employer, company or sponsor will have the right to terminate employee and put absconding case against them.

People with absconding case cannot work in UAE until they clear themselves in immigration.

domestic worker law in uae

As we stated above about expats complaints that many people run away because their employers do not follow domestic labour law such as working hours, rest etc and they believe if employers hiring housemaids and other domestic helpers start following law and rules, there will be no violations.
Meanwhile, as part of the GDRFA goal to follow up domestic helper issues, Al Merri held a meeting on Monday with all helpers from the department.

Mr AL MERRI said "This is the second meeting we have organized with our domestic helpers at the department in order to encourage them to give their best, we are here to listen to them and to listen to their issues and problems, we have to appreciate their work and efforts,"

In-order to protect domestic workers in UAE, we urged them to know more about their rights, contract terms, working hours as per UAE domestic labour law and share it as much as they can so everyone know their rights.

GDRFA Dubai encouraged residents to contact Amer Dubai and report illegal workers and absconders by dialing the toll free 8005111 after which the amer center Dubai will handle the case. This toll free number can also be used by domestic workers to register complaints against their employers.