How to Check if you have Travel Ban in UAE?

how to check passport ban in uae

Do you know how to check if you have travel ban in UAE? Ban in UAE only imposed if someone violates the provisions of UAE Labour Law which can be issued by MoHRE or Immigration upon employer request.

There are two types of ban in UAE, labour ban and immigration ban.

In today’s brief guide, we are going to discuss following about Ban in UAE:

1.     Labour ban in UAE
2.     Immigration ban UAE
3.     How to check UAE ban
4.     UAE ban status check online
5.     Criminal status
6.     How to remove ban

Labour ban in UAE:

UAE labour ban issue by MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) means that the employee (worker) is not legally allowed to work in another company in the UAE for a period of six months or one year. UAE Labor Ban is imposed when the employee (worker) does not observe the terms and conditions stipulated in his employment contract, if he/she violates the Provisions of UAE Labor Law and/or related ministerial resolutions and circulars.

Who can face labour ban in UAE?

Rumors are that ban in UAE is limited to un-skilled labours only which is not true, please keep in mind that labor ban is not only limited to non-skilled employees but it may apply on all in situation where the worker violates the UAE Labour Law.

For example, ban imposed by MOHRE previously known as MOL UAE is not limited to people having UAE residence visa stamped on their passports but it can affect people who have issued a labour card, labour permit, or a labour contract.

When can the employer (company) apply for labour ban?

Ban application against employee can be submit if:

1.     The employee (worker) illegally terminated the contract.
2.     If employee violates the UAE Labor Law, Article 120.
3.     Working with other company without getting work permit from MoHRE
4.     If employee stayed in the country after the termination of his/her employment contract for more than two months without legal justification
5.     If non-skilled workers not completed the six months of service in the company.

Duration of labour ban in UAE:

The duration of labour ban can be for six months, one year or sometimes permanent.
If the banned person is outside UAE, no new work permit will be issued to him/her until he/she completes the ban period.

How to check if you have travel ban in UAE?

“How to check UAE ban” is searched thousand times by those who want to enquire online checking travel ban UAE, for this you have below options:

1.     Call Mohre hotline 80060, send them email at, visit TASHEEL center or contact ministry through its communication channels, if you are not in the country, you can send your representative to ministry for the ban enquiry.

2.     For ban which is imposed due to your financial debts by banks etc can be check online, read till end for online checking travel ban UAE.

3.     For Abu Dhabi, the judicial department has an online service, which enables the residents of Abu Dhabi to check whether they are requested by the Public Prosecution for any claims against them.

How to remove UAE Labour Ban?

Ban in UAE can be lift if employee found another job before leaving UAE under below mentioned new profession category and salary system, by completing the ban period, or be dealing with employer which also known as mutual agreement.

Please note that the ban period starts when employee leaves the country.

Check your profession, if you are holding below mentioned educational certificates and your new company agreed to pay or write the require salary in your contract as per Mohre rules, you can easily lift the ban.

Category A (Bachelor Degree Holders):

Employees (workers) who are holding a bachelor’s degree are coming under category 1 Profession list, will require minimum 12,000 AED salary in offer letter and Ministry contract from new employer (company) to avoid Automatic Ban.

Level 1 or Category A Professions (Bachelor Degree):

1.     Management (Manager)
2.     Engineering (Engineers)
3.     Doctors
4.     Teachers
5.     Accountants
6.     Accounts Clerk
7.     Marketing Specialists
8.     Quantity Survivor
9.     Draftsman
10. Pharmacist
11. Administration Officers
12. Executive Secretary
13. Reservation Officers
14. Safety Officers
15. Public Relation Officers
16. Advertising or Graphics Designers

Category B (College Certificate/Diploma Holder):

If Employee (worker) is holding college certificate (category 2 profession list) or attested diploma, the minimum salary to be written in offer letter and contract by new employer (sponsor/company) should be 7000 AED.

Level 2 or Category B Professions (College Degree/Certificate):

1.     Technical workers
2.     Technicians
3.     Mechanical Related Professions etc.

Category C (Secondary Education Certificate):

Expats with Secondary Education Certificate are coming under Category 3 Profession list, will require minimum 5000 AED salary from new company. This salary should be written on Offer Letter and Employment Contract.

Level 3 or Category C Professions (High School Certificate):

1.     Sale Executives
2.     Sale Representatives
3.     Sale Supervisors
4.     Site Supervisors
5.     Administration Clerks
6.     Correspondence Clerks
7.     Custom Clearance Clerks
8.     Cash Desk Clerks
9.     Ticketing Clerks
10. Cashiers
11. Receptionists
12. Store Keepers
13. Tourist Guide etc

Article 4 of the Ministerial Order No. 1186 of 2010 states:

 If the employee is starting his new position at the first, second or third professional levels after fulfilling the conditions for joining any of these levels according to the rules in force at the Ministry, and provided that his new wage is not less than Dh12,000 at the first professional level, Dh7,000 at the second professional level and Dh5,000 at the third professional level.

Category D (Un-skilled workers):

Category 4 or category 5 (Category D) professions are the unskilled workers who require to complete the contract period or at least six months with the company to avoid ban.

Level 4/5 or Category D Professions (Un-skilled Workers):

1.     General Labours
2.     Helpers
3.     Cleaners

Immigration Ban UAE:

The grounds of UAE Immigration ban sometime known as life time ban or blacklist issue by ministry of interior are different from those issued by MoHRE. The possible reasons of immigration ban could be:

1.     Criminal offences
2.     Illegal Visa entry or exit
3.     Fake passports entry and exit
4.     Weapons or ammunition case
5.     Drugs
6.     Bounced cheques
7.     Murder case
8.     Abusing case with UAE Citizens
9.     Inappropriate relationship (relation out of wedlock)
10. Theft case
11. Rape Case
12. Violence
13. Overstay for long time
14. Supporting or funding terrorist organizations
15. Disrespect/abuse of UAE Leadership
16. Absconding case

Immigration ban UAE is not easy to remove, it can only be lift if the case against employee is clear and letter of no objection to enter UAE again issue by ministry of interior.

How to check Passport ban in UAE?

People mostly search on internet about “UAE immigration ban check online” but they get nothing because there is still no website or e-service launched by ministry to enquire online checking of travel ban UAE but if you are looking for a ban status issued by UAE Banks due to debts or loan issues, you can check it online by following below guide.

How to check criminal status of Financial Cases?

You cannot enter UAE if you have pending financial cases against you, you must clear them by taking clearance letter from the bank legal representative with clear words that the bank or the finance company has removed the case, attest it from ministry and apply for work permit.
To check uae ban status online regarding financial cases, please visit the official website of Dubai Police and look for criminal status or click below link.

Step 1:
After clicking above link, you will be redirected to below page, write down your emirates ID, select the captcha code and click on search button.

how to check uae ban

Step 2:
Look for sms (activation code) from Dubai Police which will be sent to you on your registered mobile number which is in the system of Federal authority for identity and citizenship.

If the mobile number registered for emirates ID is not correct or is not with you now, you can update your new mobile number by visiting the nearest Dubai smart police stations.

uae immigration ban check online

Step 3:
Write down the received activation code and click on next button.

immigration ban uae

Step 4:
Once you have clicked the next button, you will see a new window/page mentioning your criminal status of financial cases against you, if nothing found, you can enter UAE easily, if window shows the pending cases you should first clear them.

online checking travel ban uae

To clear your financial cases and remove your ban, follow below steps:

1.     If you are out of the country with an outstanding debt (dues), contact your bank (finance company) through Email Address, Landline or through Toll free Numbers or through your representative in UAE.
2.     Ask for the available settlement options.
3.     Inquire the minimum settlement amount for one-time payment in or choose the option that suits you best.
4.     After confirming the settlement options, request a settlement letter. (Please note that never pay anyone without documentary proof).
5.     Comply with the settlement agreement by sending money directly to the bank from your country bank account, money transfer firms or as fixed between you and the bank.
6.     Once you have fully paid, request a clearance letter on Bank original letter head with stamp and Branch Manager Signature.

Once done above documentation process, visit to nearest police station and immigration counter for the clearance stamp, it can be done through clearing companies or your relatives in UAE.

How to check Travel Ban for Abu Dhabi:

For Abu Dhabi residence visa holders, they can also check if they have a travel ban or pending case through official website of Abu Dhabi judicial department, they need to search it by writing UID number from visa page which is printed on passport.

Through below Estafser page, residence can check whether they are requested by the Public Prosecution for any claims against them or no.

online checking travel ban uae

To visit Abu Dhabi Judicial Department page, click below link

The guide about Ban in UAE which includes information about the labour ban in UAE, reason and its removal process as well as important things about immigration ban UAE is ended here, share and help others.

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