Visa Rules for Divorced Women, Widows and their Children

uae visa extension for divorced women, widows and their children

UAE started implementing a new visa rule for divorced women, widows and their children since October 2018. The rule grants one-year residence visa extension for widowed and divorced women and their children without the need of a sponsor from the date of death of the husband or divorce.

The extension rule applies even if the women have no children and this type of visa is renewable for one time only.

To avail visa extension, certain conditions must be met which are:

1: Mother or children must be under husband's visa at the time of the death or divorce.
2: The visas of mother and children must be valid at the time of death or divorce.
3: The children’s residency period does not exceed the residency period of the mother.

How to apply for One year residence visa for widowed/divorced women?

The widow or divorcee will need to submit an application through the relevant GDRFA channels for a residency extension along with the following:

1: A proof of divorce or death as the case maybe
2: A proof of availability of house for the woman
3: A proof of the woman’s ability to earn a living
4: Medical fitness certificates for the woman and her children over the age 18
5: Emirates ID
6: Health insurance cards, as applicable in some emirates.

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Applicable fees:

1: Cancellation fees of AED100 for each previous residency visas of the woman and her children will be levied.
2: 100 AED of fees will be charged for one year residency extension for widowed and divorced women.

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