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Check Visa Status UAE

Looking for the easiest UAE visa check process? You are on the right page as we are sharing a helpful guide on UAE visa status check. Simply follow the steps shared in the article and get your UAE visa validity check done in less than sixty seconds.

How to Check Visa Status UAE:

People coming on visit, tourist, entry permits or those residing in the Emirates can check their UAE visa status through following official sites for free:

UAE Visa Status Check on ICP UAE:

Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security manages the ICP UAE visa status website, visit below link to begin UAE visa check online.

UAE Visa Check by File Number:

  1. Click Public Services & than on File Validity.
  2. Choose File No and select Residency
  3. In File type, write your Emirate Unified Number, File number or Emirates ID number.
  4. Select your Nationality.
  5. Write your Date of Birth (Format dd/mm/yy)
  6. Pass the captcha & click Search button.
UAE Visa Status Check

UAE Visa Check by Passport Number:

    1. Choose Passport information and select Residency.
    2. Write your passport number.
    3. Enter Passport expiry date.
    4. Choose your Nationality.
    5. Verify that you are not a robot.
    6. Click on the search button for status.

    UAE Visa Check by Passport Number

    Note: UAE visa status by passport number will only show data if you have entered the same passport no on which visa was applied, if your passport expired after visa is printed and you have renewed your passport, please do not write the new passport number as immigration system (ICA Smart services visa status) will be unable to track your visa.

    UAE Visa Status by Emirates ID Number:

    Don’t have your file number? No worries, you can still get your UAE visa information through ICP Smart services. Let’s start how to check UAE visa status with emirates id number.

    1. Search by file no & in type, select residency
    2. Click on Emirates ID number
    3. Write Emirates ID number
    4. Choose Nationality
    5. Write Date of Birth
    6. Pass the captcha & click search

    UAE Visa status with emirates id number

    Check Visit Visa Status Online:

    UAE is one of the world's top tourist friendly countries, thousands of tourists visiting Emirates every month. If you are looking to check UAE visit visa status, simply choose visa option not the residency. Follow below guide for UAE visit visa validity check.

    Visit Visa Status by File no or UID No:

    1. In search, select File number 
    2. In type, select visa option (not residency)
    3. In file type, Write UID or file number
    4. Write your date of birth.
    5. verify and click search button
    check visit visa status online

    Visit Visa Status by Passport Number:

    Visitors and tourists can now check visit visa status online by just typing their passport number which is the most easiest way to check visitor visa status.
    1. Choose Passport Information 
    2. Choose Visa (not residency)
    3. Write your passport number
    4. Write passport expiry date
    5. Choose your Nationality
    6. Verify and press search.
    check visit visa status online

    Check Emirates ID Card Information:

    New feature on smart services icp gov ae is that you can check Emirates ID details including Emirates ID number, the card number, issue and expiry date.

    1. In search by, choose file No
    2. In type, choose Emirates ID
    3. In file type, click on Emirates ID number
    4. Write your Emirates ID number
    5. Select your nationality
    6. Write date of birth
    7. Verify and search

    File Status Result:

    So, above we have discussed UAE Visa check process, now it's time to write about the status results including the types of status and it's meanings.

    Below are the top ten status results:
    • Active
    • Not Active
    • Nearly Expired
    • Expired
    • Cancelled
    • Refused
    • Closed
    • Converted to Resident
    • Used
    • Posted
    • Not Confirmed
    • Violated
    • No Record Found

    Visa status Active:

    If  the visa information box showing you the active status, it means your visit visa or residence visa is active until the written expiry date. You can stay inside UAE legally until the visa is showing active or if you are outside UAE for less than six months you can re-enter on the same visa.

    uae visa file status active means

    Visa status Nearly Expired:

    If your visa status shows "nearly expired" it means that your visit or residence visa validity is about to expire. You need to renew or cancel the visa to avoid penalties. 

    visa status nearly expired meaning

    Visa status Cancelled:

    If you want to check or confirm the visa cancellation, simply enter UAE visa details and search. if you get below status, it means your residence visa is cancelled by your company or by yourself. Once the visa is cancelled, you will be given a grace period to get new visa or leave UAE without fines. 
    file status cancelled meaning

    File status Converted to Resident:

    If you are getting information that converted to resident, it means your entry permit (visit/tourist visa) is now converted to residence visa (pink sticker) with validity of 1, 2 or 3 years. You are now legal resident of UAE and can get several benefits including opening a bank account, applying for UAE driving license and much more.

    file status converted to residence

    Visa status Violated:

    File status violated means that your visa (all types of entry permits) or residence visa is either expired or cancelled, you have also completed the grace period which is 30, 60 or 90 days (depending up to profession). 

    Once the grace period is over, you will automatically will be listed as a violator which means you are now residing illegal in the country. This also known as overstay or runaway person.

    The overstay fine is 50 AED each day for both visit visa and residence visa. You can now check your overstay fines online, we have shared a link below for your reference. 

    Link: Check Overstay Fine Online

    visa status violated

    Visa status Refused: 

    In-case of visa rejection (visa refused) by immigration, you will get below rejection visa status. To know why your visa is rejected, you need to contact ICP UAE via toll free number 600522222 or email them at

    Mostly it rejects due to security reason or if you have not provided the clear documents including passport copy, personal photo, country ID card etc. Some of the top rejection reasons are written in this article.

    file status refused

    That’s it; through this helpful UAE visa status check guide you can complete UAE visa check by passport number, file no, UID no and Emirates ID number. A special thanks to the government of UAE and ICP Smart services for making things easy through providing online services to people living in the country as well as to those who wish to enter United Arab Emirates either to visit or to work.

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