Domestic Workers over 60 years of age can now renew visa in UAE

rules for housemaid visa in uae
New changes has been made in domestic workers visa rules after new move comes in line with the ministry’s efforts to meet growing need of employer and families wanted to hire domestic helpers.

As per UAE Labour Law work permit rules, a person can get his/her visa renew till he/she reach 60, after 60 ministry do not approve renewal or accept new work permit requests but from 23 November 2019, Saturday, Ministry approved visa renewal for workers who are over 60 years of age.

Yes its true, domestic workers over 60 years of age can now renew their visas under below mentioned 3 easy conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

1.     The worker should physically and mentally fit and is to be proved by medical report which should be issued by relevant government authorities inside UAE.
2.     The employer or family who is hiring domestic worker over 60 years of age should bear all medical expenses of the worker medical treatment.

3.     The approval must be obtained from concern bodies, mentioning or allowing the continuation of domestic worker residence visa in the UAE. 

The new work permit for domestic worker over 60 years old can only be renew if the worker is already inside UAE on work permit and have their employment contracts expired for a period not more than 3 months.

In simple, those who are over 60 years and living inside UAE without valid visa for more than three months may not get approval from ministry.

Domestic Workers Profession List:

1.     Housemaid
2.     Private sailor
3.     Watchman
4.     Driver
5.     Security guard
6.     Babysitter/nanny
7.     Household shepherd
8.     Family chauffeur
9.     Parking valet workers
10. Household horse groomer
11. Household falcon care taker & trainer
12. Domestic laborers
13. Housekeeper
14. Private coach
15. Private teacher
16. Household farmer
17. Gardner
18. Private nurse
19. Cook
20. Private PRO
21. Private agriculture engineer

Another positive step of UAE Government for domestic workers in UAE will highly be appreciated by both workers and employers as there are many employers who wanted to keep the house helpers who served them for long years and believe that they can still work for us, and off-course there will be many domestic workers who too wish to keep work for their employers or keen to live in UAE for as long as they can for their families to feed or to save something for their remaining days.

How to apply for renewal:

Employer and agencies can do this but we will recommend TADBEER service centers who provide a to z services regarding domestic workers including hiring of domestic helpers inside or outside country, opening new file, issuance of work permits, renewal of permits, cancellation of visas and more importantly the gratuity for housemaids as per UAE Labour Law and complaints.

To know more about TADBEER services for domestic helpers, we recommend you to read this guide.

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