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  1. My visa is a Freezone (Unlimited) Visa in Technopark which is supposed to end in April 2020. I have resigned from my company. Does the rule of 45-day deduction from my settlement/ salary apply to freezone visas also?

    1. Yes, 45 days full salary will be deducted from your settlement, and for the last contract you will not be entitled for gratuity as you (employee) resigned.

      For more we recommend you to read the official UAE Labour Law Articles specially title 3 and title 7 through below link

      Read this Law

  2. Good Morning
    I have a limited contract MOL and it is written in my contract that my probation period is 6 months and my contract is of Restaurant coffee shop manager. I signed this contract at 12 June 2019. Now i have an offer from another company having more salaray with same designation. I resigned at 22nd December 2019. But my company is saying that they will ban me.
    I started to work in dubai 2016 and in 2018 i renewd my contract and visa status is changed from staff to a restaurant manager and then in 2019 I changed a company and signed limited contract with them at 12 june 2019.
    My question is that y i will be banned. If I finished my probation period and i am getting a good offer from another company from 3000 aed to 3750 aed. Which is mentioned in my new offer letter from new company.

    1. If you have completed the probation period and don't wanted to apply for residence visa with the same sponsor, you cannot face ban. get offer letter from new company, sign it and let them apply for new visa process.

  3. Replies
    1. Sir. I want to ask how can I calculate my gratuity as I fall under house hold category my work is Captain of a big private yatch and I am receiving AED 15,000 per month and I am with this employer since October 22, 2011 and I intend to transfer to another company this coming October 2020.. please can you show me how to calculate my gratuity..

  4. Hi,
    I left my company due to non payment of salary for 4 months and my owner placed absconding on me even though he is the one who told me to leave because i wasn't able to survive with travelling expenses and everything. I removed my absconding from labour and even cancelled my visa from aweer immigration but they gave me one year ban for nothing. Please suggest is there any way to remove labour and immigration ban because i have another work opportunity in DAFZA (dubai airport freezone)


    1. Hello Neha Abbas
      Thank you for your comments, have you checked our below mentioned guide regarding Ban in UAE?
      Link: Ban in UAE

  5. sir I would like to ask for Gratuity calculation for house hold workers as my visa falls on this category.. I am a Captain of Yatch and I am receiving AED15,000 per month.. I am with my employer since 2011 and I intend to transfer to another company by end of my contract.. please can you tell me how can I calculate my gratuity.

    1. Thank You for your comments ANDREW As per your comments, you are having a house hold visa also known as domestic helper visa. to calculate your gratuity online, you need to visit or below website links. Gratuity calculator UAE specific for domestic workers is available on ministry of labour website, you can calculate on it and can print the final settlement page if require.
      Link: 1 - Gratuity Guide
      Link: 2 - Mohre Site