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UAE visit visa validity check. uae tourist visa status, Dubai visit visa status

Do you know how to check visit visa status in UAE? Checking UAE tourist visa status or UAE visit visa status is easy as cooking eggs.

If you have plain to visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi on UAE visit visa or UAE tourist visa either for job hunt or just to visit the country, you must know about how to check visit visa validity in UAE in-order to enter UAE before the expiry of your entry permit.

Dubai government launched a website where a person who is holding visit/tourist visa can check visit visa status online for the last entrance date to UAE and the last exit date (expiry date of visit visa), so tourists do not overstay in the country.

How to check Dubai Visit Visa Status:

Before proceeding to Dubai visit visa status guide, please check out the sample of UAE tourist visa or UAE visit visa which is also known as Tourist/Single-long term visit visa or 3 months visit visa.
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3 months visit visa sample 

Below is the step by step guide to check visit visa status UAE, to visit official website of GDRFA for e visa status, click below link.

Step 1:
Choose entry permit validity as a select service to inquire:
how to check dubai visit visa status

Step 2:
Select entry permit code, year of visa and write your entry permit number from your visa, check the above visa sample for the permit number.

how to check uae tourist visa validity

Step 3:
Write your first name in English as written in passport/visa and choose your gender.

sharjah visit visa status online

Step 4:
Write your date of birth in given format (dd-mm-yy)(03-08-2019)and choose your nationality from the drop down list.

uae visit visa status

Step 5:
Enter the captcha code and click on submit button.

check visit visa status uae

Visit visa validity check:

Once you have filled the require fields you will see below image, please note that if you are not yet entered to the country, you will be shown the last entrance date to the UAE, if you didn’t enter the country before shown date, your visa will become invalid and you cannot enter UAE on same visa again.check visit visa status

UAE visit visa expiry check:

If you see below notification after submitting the visit visa status request, it means the applicant is inside UAE and he/she must leave the country before given date or get ready for overstay fine.

Overstay fine on visit visa or tourist visa is 100 AED per day but the first overstay day will be charged 200 AED. You can now check your overstay fine online.
dubai e visa check

Link: Check UAE Residence Visa Status
Link: Check Visa Status by Passport Number

How to Check Abu Dhabi Visit Visa Status:

Abu Dhabi visa holders can check their visa status on ICA official website as they have different visa code which starts with 101 and Abu Dhabi visa code cannot be search on GDRFA Dubai website.

For Abu Dhabi visit visa status, follow below guideline:

1.     Visit ICA website or this site for guidance.
2.     Select options shown in below image.
3.     Enter your passport number.
4.     Write passport expiry date.
5.     Choose your nationality.
6.     Click I’m not a robot.
7.     Enter search.

Abu Dhabi visa check

Abu Dhabi visit visa Validity or Expiry Check:

You will get validity of your visa once you clicked the search button which includes the Abu Dhabi visa entry permit number, visit visa issue date and the last date (file expiry date) to stay in UAE.

Abu dhabi visa status by passport no

Guide about how to check UAE tourist visa validity is ended here, through above 5 easy steps you can check visit visa status by getting both the last entrance date to the UAE (validity) and the last exit date from the UAE which also known as visit visa expiry date.

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